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When sharing Jesus remember 1) identity, 2) mission and 3) call.

  1. Identity: Jesus is the Christ — a human, and God; our King.
  2. Mission: Jesus came to die to take our punishment and remove our guilt so that we can be a part of his eternal kingdom, now and beyond death, enjoying life with him forever.
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Is The Quran A Literary Miracle?

If you were on a long trip and came across another that was heading to the same destination as you, and this new person said, “you are on the wrong path,” would this anger you that he implied that you and the others traveling with you had made a mistake? 6,276 more words

Review of Questioning Evangelism

In Questioning Evangelism Randy Newman provides a resource that rightly blends evangelism and apologetics. Newman draws on the example of Jesus who often used a questioning method to evangelize and teach. 226 more words

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How to Share Your Testimony

A gospel-centered testimony can be a powerful way to share the good news of Jesus Christ with your nonChristians friends (or with complete strangers, as opportunity arises). 618 more words


Apologize for what you believe

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Heading west: What we can learn

People everywhere need the Lord, says IBSA’s Dennis Conner

In its first two years of production, “The Beverly Hillbillies,” topped the TV ratings in the U.S. 749 more words


Do I believe

Do I believe
what He believed
that all could be
set free?
Do I believe
the Spirit moves
for those
who long to see?
Do I believe… 99 more words