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Evangelist Ministry

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Scripture reading: Acts 1:8

The ministry of the evangelist is that which takes to the church the revealed word of God. In doing this, the evangelist must be equipped not only with the power of the Holy Ghost, but with the gifts of the Spirit, sufficient to vindicate the Gospel in the wide range of circumstances into which he will fall. 360 more words

Doctrine Of God

Spiritual "To Do List"

Most of us put order and purpose into our lives by writing out a daily”to do list”. It captures what we believe to be the most important stuff we need to get done deadlines at work, family responsibilities, Dr. 187 more words


Occasionally I watch xxxxx xxxxx on TV. She has much to say about the ills of Christians in today’s America. Endlessly going into detail of the rights and wrongs of it all, and endlessly delving into scripture to try and get people to change their state of being. 391 more words



From generation to generation, God uses men to bless the whole of humanity and we have been blessed by scores of them. In the midst of all these great people, D.L. 426 more words


Thursday Thoughts - When the going gets tough...

…the tough go shopping, according to my sister at least. According to Billy Ocean the tough get going, which sounds very macho but doesn’t really make a lot of sense. 215 more words

The Flowers of Tomorrow

Did you ever wonder what Christ was thinking when he chose the 12 apostles? In the gospel reading of the calling of the twelve names are rather matter of factly read off. 225 more words