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Ah, the creative stuff one can do with a tweet generator…


Evariste Galois: "untamable genius"

ÉVARISTE GALOIS comes in at number 77 on my list of 100 sensational teenagers, and he could have been higher (Not exactly a mathlete, I struggle to evaluate his kind of genius). 23 more words

Evariste Galois

As you have observed I omitted Evariste Galois born on 25th October 1811 from my daily posts and this is because he is the one that influenced me to start the event ‘ 1,089 more words

Mathematical Constructions

Today is his birthday. He had only 20 of them.

French mathematician Evariste Galois was born on this day in 1811.

His life was full of promise…and turmoil.  He made major contributions to math while still a teenager, and his work was fundamental for several different fields of math including… 42 more words



A Brief Note on Birds

The essence of Mathematics resides in its freedom
— George Cantor

There seems to be a tighter bond between math and poetry than between man and the mind in his head. 4,131 more words

Nalar Lontar

Meta- and Galois

First, some extradiegetic comments. I did not post much last year. The main reason is obvious – for the first half of the year, I was very busy finishing the proof of the ternary Goldbach conjecture; then, during the summer, I had many speaking engagements – and I also spent a non-trivial amount of time writing a popular account of the proof for this blog. 2,505 more words

French Prépas 'Colle'

Colle = Oral Interrogation

In French, ‘coller’ (the verb of colle) is to ‘glue’ (on the blackboard) i.e. get stuck by the Oral Interrogation. 178 more words