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lucidity: that brilliant detour we took to avoid the rush-hour madness that cut behind the traffic via a previously unknown side-road and crossed over a secret bridge, …only to find it ended up being closed due to freak flooding


Beating around the bush

One thing I try to always do is be straight with people and expect the same from them.   So when someone beats around the bush and is reluctant to just say whats on their mind I get frustrated. 435 more words


What is the real destination?

Stephanie Jill Rudd: Where do they think there is to go? Me: On and on I ask myself the same question: 115 more words

news conference

A news conference is where politicians play hard to get.


SNP fail to organise piss up in brewery

Everyone in the world and the universe but the SNP are proven wrong as Little Miss Leader Sturgeon says you don’t need alcohol for a piss up in a brewery. 329 more words

Alex Salmond

Lecture 7: The evasiveness conjecture

Continuing our look at some toplogical methods, today we’ll see the evasiveness conjecture in decision tree complexity.  In the next lecture, we’ll see how we can sometimes analyze the complexity using… 1,137 more words


Euphemisms protect no one but the guilty

Yesterday in my kickboxing class, my teacher taught us several techniques to protect ourselves against a “personal female attack.” Not how to defend ourselves from a rapist, but a “personal female attacker.” Apparently, a girl was raped at the school last year so my teacher was forbidden from using the word “rape.” She found out when writing a course description for a Women’s Self-Defense class and the school told her she could not use the word rape. 197 more words