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Previously I’ve done small posts on each of the 2019 August through November EVE Economic reports. I looked at the split of NPC bounty payouts between Null, High and Low Sec, with commentary on the impact the Chaos era (particularly the introduction and removal of the Null Sec Blackout) had on in-game activity. 272 more words

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EVE Online Gets Heavy Missile Buffs, Shield Slaves, and a New Event

CCP was keeping us in the dark.  They announced a new “Quadrants” plan, which sounded like quarterly releases, and which was said to start with something called “Fight or Flight,” but then did not go into much detail.  924 more words


Mechanics, Not just a skillbook!

Greetings my fellow New Edenites!

Welcome to another exciting installment of “I’m an idiot and here’s why”.
Ok. Fine. It’s the first installment, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of new and exciting stories for you as I engage in more nefarious activities throughout this wonderful universe. 380 more words

The Status of My Eve Online Accounts

Its been a while since I played Eve Online, I used to go through phases of playing it for a few months then have several months away before going back. 1,639 more words