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The August MER and the Second Month of World War Bee

We got the August Monthly Economic Report for EVE Online last week and I finally had some time to take a look.  I cannot even blame CCP this time for my slipping into another month. 1,041 more words


September in Review

The Site

Well, the big news here this month was probably that the place turned fourteen.

Perhaps a lesser achievement, with this post I will have posted every single day for the last six months. 2,642 more words


Finders Keepers 2

In a previous post, I told you about some of the things I tend to find lying around in highsec. In this post I’d like to show you some more of these abandoned acquisitions and lonely liberations. 619 more words

Eve Online

Day 18 - Peace at Last

This was the least eventful day I’ve had in a little while and it was a lovely change of pace.

I started the day with only one additional hole in the system, a K162 to a C2. 788 more words

Eve Online

Twelve Weeks of World War Bee

The war made it through its twelfth week and shows no signs of abating.

At some point during the weekend before this past one the invaders, who had been calling themselves PAPI, an acronyms whose origin I hadn’t bothered to look up, decided to change their name to the Anaconda Coalition.  1,035 more words