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Damavik – PVE Thoughts

The role of the Damavik is obviously slanted towards solo and small gang PVP, so I didn’t hold out a lot of hope that it would work well in PVE. 563 more words

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Imperium Capital Move Op Video

I mentioned in my post about the big move op back to Delve earlier this month that our jump to the Y-2ANO Keepstar was being recorded. 111 more words


EVE Vegas 2018 Opening

Without planning too – I spent a little bit of time watching or reading about the first day of EVE Vegas.

You can see the opening ceremony here (which I haven’t finished with yet): 272 more words

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Roll-ing with the times

I went through my EVE blogroll today. I moved a lot of blogs from the active list to the quiet list. Blogs that had not posted about EVE for more than a year – or had stated they were done. 295 more words

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Friday Bullet Points Before EVE Vegas

Today is the start of EVE Vegas and when this post, scheduled in advance, goes live I will probably be on a plane for the short flight from Silicon Valley to whatever euphemism you care to use for Las Vegas.  1,259 more words


Heading to EVE Vegas 2018

That time of the year has arrived, at the other side of the calendar from EVE Fanfest in Iceland is EVE Vegas.  This coming weekend, October 19 through 21, CCP will be setting up in the city most closely representative of New Eden, if only New Eden still allowed gambling.  691 more words


Guess I Should Introduce Myself

Hey there,

So I’m Philmore. I’ve recently started a new project and figured I would blog my experience while going through the motions. I guess this is more of a log than blog but whatever. 583 more words