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Punitive Expedition to Delve

I’m back from Fanfest and I’m FUCKING BORED – this ‘invasion’ we faced last week was the most laughably, pathetically weak attempt at our shit in years, and that says something.

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Bál Lið

I’m developing a concept and Fleet Doctrine for a ‘Gate Camp Fire Team’ which I’m going to designate with the tag “Task Force Whiskey”.

The ideal Gate Camp would be set up in an actively travelled pipe system, with only a couple of gates. 201 more words

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Racing Yacht

This is the abhorrent set up on the Malediction I used to visit every system in Domain:

Pseudoelectron Containment Field I
Nanofiber Internal Structure II… 202 more words

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Changes are Good for the Soul

As Sydney and I walked through Jita about three weeks ago, Change Happened. We were visiting the local establishments in our new home region’s marketplace and I got distracted. 734 more words

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Let there be luxury

If you haven’t already noticed, the Victorieux Luxury Yacht BPC is available in the redeeming system. The manufactured hull is selling at close to 180M ISK at the moment in Domain. 468 more words

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HD 50: Just like Old Times

Well, ladies and gentlemen, our little podcast has turned 50. Not years, mind you, but 50 episodes. The roller coaster of Eve Online interest might wax and wane, but High Drag keeps plodding on. 61 more words


Where the Wild Things Are....

The politics of Wicked Creek… are one of the most insane, convoluted things I have ever seen. Seriously, I live here, and it’s a murky quagmire on fire inside a cave full of rotting eggs. 455 more words

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