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I’m now an expert in World of Warships.

I’ve played 24 battles (9 ending in my sinking), with a positive destruction ratio of 2.22 (which I think means I sink half as often as my enemies) and a team victory rate of 96%.  510 more words

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Ný-kominn Malm-hrið

There’s a storm approaching Scalding Pass and it’s name is “Vanguard”…

The Vanguard Coalition has returned home to Insmother and has started to unleash their combat forces towards Scalding Pass in what we believe is an effort to turn it into renter space and we, … 80 more words

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Marglóð Ráða

Akita T originally posted a list of the ‘Golden Rules’ of EVE with “EVE GOLDEN RULES : a mandatory newcomer read” way back when on on the old forums which have been ‘updated’ recently by CCP Phantom with his… 722 more words

EVE Online

Trade Recap 8/21/16: Expanding Influence and Operations

This week was quite uneventful. Fortizars were destroyed, and for every city they burn, they build one higher. Unfortunately, this level and type of destruction did little to the stocks that we were already engaged in. 699 more words