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Ganking is over!

As it seems, CODE. is no more. The boogy mans of HighSec shall be disbanded. At least the user “wolfsoprano” claims this on the r/Eve sub-reddit forum: 411 more words

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Mini rant about EVE events

So there’s this Guardian’s Gala event (to get some SKINs) and that what’s got me to try a bit of EVE Online (not offline, i.e. just training) again and I’m a little let down. 340 more words

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Ninja Gas Mining

Gas mining is considered one of the most profitable methods to gain some dank ISK for newer players. So here is how “ninja gas mining” is done on a budget level. 1,676 more words

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OOC Minutes part 2

Yeah yeah, so the first was in character and this one isn’t.  Live with it.  I am tired and the CSM election looms on the horizon like some bloated smog rolling in from a distant city.  645 more words