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EVE: Carrier has arrived

A few days ago I finally joined the big kids club and purchased a carrier in EVE. The only step up left now would be joining the cool kids club and getting a super carrier or titan. 946 more words

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Notable Absence

It’s been thirteen days since my last post, that one being about my adventures in-game. By that time I thought to myself I’d be able to update this site at least weekly. 469 more words

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EVE Online: Touch the Stars

Caldari Space
The Forge region
Etsala Constellation

Banging against the locked doors behind him caused a muffled thumping that made his stomach heave within his abdomen.   5,043 more words

EvE Online

Trade Recap 10/23/16: Price Analysis with Eve Mogul Charts

A bit over 10 years ago, I became interested in investing. The subject was vast but I was intent on learning it for my own financial security. 1,124 more words


Barghests Down in Querious Astrahus Fight

As Delve has been quiet, Reavers have been deploying to Querious off and on.  Since Delve and Querious are so close together… a chunk of Querious is actually something of a functional enclave within Delve, which is sometimes called either Fake Delve or Fake Querious depending on who is speaking and whether or not they remember what they called it last time it came up… there was some discussion as to what to do about the region. 1,423 more words