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Make My Alpha Clone

As we heard back at the end of August, free to play of a sorts is coming to EVE Online this November in the form of Alpha Clones. 842 more words


Ghost fit and Skill Screens

The latest o7 show was released on last weekend.

If you want to go straight to the demonstrated in-game client changes, jump to 28 minutes 35 seconds for the new Ghost Fitting interface, and 39 minutes 15 seconds for the updated character sheet – how the skill variations for different clone types will be shown, and the merging of the skill queue with the skill information sheet.  71 more words

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Spaceship Pageantry in Amarr

Yesterday say the ascension of Caitiz of House Tash-Murkon, chosen through the Imperial succession trials after Empress Jamyl Sarum I was slain by drifters, to lead Amarr.  1,104 more words


Random thoughts on game knowledge

As with every other day, YouTube takes a big chunk of my nights. Part of the content I watch is of course Eve Online related. The problem with this, though, is that a lot of channels are PvP focused, and I’m still trying to learn just what the hell is happening on screen. 303 more words

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EVE: Rat droppings and bling

Ratting in Delve has left me with plenty of ISK to play with, and I’m still missing about 60 days worth of training to properly fly a carrier. 224 more words

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The Scope – Imperial Guard Forms Up In Preparation For Coronation Of Catiz I

The Scope covers the coming coronation in Dam-Torsad, while news recently broke that Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor, head of the Minmatar Republic, will attend the ceremony.

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