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It's Done

Dear Diary,

I did it. After what felt like an eternity, my body seems to have been successfully integrated into a capsule (seriously, I’m writing this with my thoughts). 366 more words

Eve Online

Floti Bjóða – Clusterfuck Roam II

I jumped into the FC chair again and took out my second Clusterfuck Roam last night.

I was fortunate to have Fifth running as our Scout again and on top of Scouting for the Fleet he was acting as my mentor/adviser providing encouragement and offering recommendations when asked for them. 325 more words

EVE Online

Sváss Drykkr IV

Things on the SOV front are rolling along, the latest iteration that was released with Galatea on August 25th made a few changes that seem to help the defender out some but I’m not sure it’s gone far enough yet – I’m still of the thought that taking/initializing an attack on someone’s SOV should take some effort – one lone pilot in a T1 Frigate should not be able to ‘Troll’ SOV. 113 more words

EVE Online

The dreaded FozzieSov: Do I hate it or love it?

Since its release I have been involved in several Sov battles as part of SMA. First in Catch, well because it was there, Second in Fountain, well because we were bored and Black Legion were annoying, and then recently in Providence, because some person didn’t like another person lol. 296 more words

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