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Industrial Revolution

Yesterday afternoon The Mittani held another of his fireside chats which, along with The Meta show on Saturday’s, is part of his weekly one-two propaganda punch.  1,275 more words


Bellicose v Wolf, Vagabond, Gila and Crow

I went out to Tenal to do some hunting and was hanging about 100km off a gate to see what would come in, My thinking here was that whilst I was not on the gate if a ship came into system and started burning towards me, I could assess if I could attack it or not plus if he had fiends on the other side they would have to jump in and burn towards us rather than obliterate me on gate. 432 more words


Occupying the Citadel Patch Notes

I spent part of yesterday carefully going over the Citadel Patch notes.


There was this glorious entry for version 1.3:

“Projector and Doomsday super-weapons no longer affect ships in invulnerable states (POS shields, tethered, gate jump cloak)” 992 more words

EVE Online

Trade Recap 5/1/16: New Frontiers

Thank you all to the readers that have been following my trading adventures. With a bit of luck and blessings from BOB, I hope to continue my market stories back home here in The Neocom. 436 more words


When a review is not a review

There was a video review of EVE posted on YouTube recently which has been doing the rounds of social media.

It goes for 30 minutes, but I found it an easy watch. 128 more words

EVE Online

April in Review

The Site

Well, the MMO Bloggers Feed in my side bar got a last minute reprieve when IFTTT decided not to cut off Pinboard support on April 4th. 2,441 more words