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9CG6-H - Flash Point in Querious

Taking systems means taking ihubs.  Take the ihub and you can drop structures quickly and if the owner was using the system as part of their Ansiblex jump gate network then that is gone and they either have to re-route or do without.  945 more words


EVE Online Gets the Zenith Quadrant

With the new quarter we get a new Quandrant in New Eden.  Today’s update brought us the third quadrant, called Zenith.

The main item for the update are the new Proving Ground filaments.  457 more words


A Week of World War Bee

It has been a busy time in Imperium space.

There is a Jabber command Imperium pilots can use to display how many fleet participation credits, PAPs, you have earned during the current month and over the last 30, 60, and 90 days. 1,098 more words



As many of you are surely aware by now, James 315 finally finished his blog, MinerBumping, after 8 glorious years of non-stop victory. His blog will no longer be updated, which has created a void in ganking-related content that will be hard to fill. 281 more words

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I am still not sure what the final impact is for systems that fall to the Triglavians. When I last looked, the only systems which have fallen either bordered Low Sec or were dead end systems. 750 more words

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