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First Night of Skill Point Trading in Jita

It was fast times in Jita last night as a mass of traders, speculators, scammers, and other interested parties descended on what one might call the Commonland’s Tunnel of New Eden, the economic capital of the game.  810 more words


EVE Online and the Madi Gras 2016 Release

CCP has given up on naming their seemingly now monthly releases (though I think YC 118.2 might be an option), but that doesn’t mean I can’t give them names myself.  676 more words


A camera not so flash

I am about to head to bed, but I thought I would try the new Camera Controls updated with the latest release.

I’ve tested them before, and while they had some gimmicky value, I did not find them as smooth or as efficient as the original ones. 332 more words

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The Waiters

I finished collecting the carrier fit into the one location. Between moving the old fits, picking up new items from all over the place (thanks to eve-central) and extra caution on the values I hauled, it took an inordinate amount of time. 546 more words

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The Tinfoil Factory - Episode 8: The Price of Power



Proto is joined by Ashterothi, Jadek Menaheim, Roedyn, and Dorian to discuss the idea of adding cosmetic effects to skill injector use. 17 more words