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Garðr Víða II

I wanted to get a solid idea of how many Upwell structures we’ve currently got and see if I could get some base on the number being anchored per day, etc… so I pulled some data off the… 364 more words

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Aiming for minuscule success

We get two common unsolicited phone calls to the house. The first is a scam pertaining to be from the Telstra Help desk (the biggest Telecommunication company in Australia) saying your computer is infected by viruses and that they need to remotely connect to fix it. 211 more words

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Still solo if you use mining drones?

I am still sporadically continuing the process to hermit build an Astrahus. By this I mean with just my main character, and not my main with an army of alts. 283 more words

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Crystal Ball

The EVE Online Updates page seems rather barren.


The EVE Online Forums for upcoming features is in a similar state.


There doesn’t seem to be anything we are not already aware of in the Test Server Feedback forum either. 230 more words

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Garðr Víða

It has been a long while since I’ve posted… it’s not due to lack of time in New Eden or lack of time to write, it has purely been a lack of motivation to write about ‘everyday’ life in New Ede, ie; a lack of something  exciting/new to write about, but with the… 545 more words

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