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Brjóta Gjald Húsgørð

I enjoy the passive ISK you get from PI. Sure the initial set up of the planets can take a bit but once that is done it is a check and do maintenance every few days kind of thing so not too much of a chore. 154 more words

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Massive MMO battles

I’ve never played EVE Online, but I’ve always followed it with interest. Massive space battles, controlling your own space ship. It sounds right down my alley, but the steep learning curve always put me off. 364 more words

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Byggja Liggja

I don’t think you are ever truly settled in New Eden’s Null-Sec space. I’d liken living in Null-Sec to an ongoing military deployment where you have a set out Area of Responsibility (AOR) and within that a main Area of Operation (AO) and some nearby Areas of Influence and Areas of Interest where you run your reconnaissance and/or intelligence gathering operations. 101 more words

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Upwell Consortium release official names of planned citadel structures

THE official names for the upcoming citadels have today been unveiled.

The three sizes of citadels are being designed and produced by the newly-formed group, Upwell Consortium.  166 more words

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30,000,000 Ágæti!

It quietly snuck-up on me… I recently rolled over 30,000,000 skill points.

Kalam Harkair

Armor Layering
EM Armor Compensation
Explosive Armor Compensation
Hull Upgrades… 563 more words

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Double Clones

I ended up purchasing 5 hulls off contract, all in the same location 3 jumps from my Null Home. A couple Recon’s I collected the other day, a couple Cruisers, and a Mining Barge. 307 more words

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