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Gjálfrmarr – [Sabre, Mr.Snuffleupagus]

Another Sabre fit that I’ve just recently started flying. Mr.Snuffleupagus and I will be camping drag bubbles  on gates and waiting on targets of opportunity to ambush. 101 more words

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CSM 10 and other random stuff

Its done, I voted for CSM 10.  Its basically the same list as I recommended on my previous post with the addition of Bam Stroker… 339 more words

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February in Review

The Site

I did have my first failure of my current Rube Goldberg MMO blogesphere feed this month when somebody decided that Pinboard, a key player in the chain of events that moves things from my Feedly feed to the sidebar of this blog, was picked to receive a DDoS attack for a couple of days. 1,227 more words


Player vs Emotions

A couple days ago I was twiddling my thumbs in Amarr looking for something to do when I happened upon a 10MN AB Breacher I fit up long ago. 851 more words

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Vinátta Flár Fata

I had headed out the other night with thoughts of setting up a drag bubble trap and camping it for a bit to see what I could catch. 355 more words

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Out and About

This was the ship I was flying for 5 sessions over 3 days.

Pseudoelectron Containment Field I
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
‘Halcyon’ Core Equalizer I… 243 more words

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