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And the fc said "Let there be supers."

Today during a quite boring solo roam I came across a 30-40 man frigate fleet.
Normally this is nothing to be worried about, you die all the time in new eden and one more frig in a sea of losses means nothing. 623 more words


For most of us old EVE players, the metaverse of the game is as important as the game itself.  EVE would be nothing without the player-generated stories of evictions, slander, theft and good deeds, we have become a famed community not despite EVE itself is such a buggy work in progress but because of it.  430 more words

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The Carebear Syndrome.

Carebear, The mere mention of the word sends shivers down the backs of strong and proud capuleers who have yet to succumb to its hateful grasp. 160 more words


Deciding on the first module for a Raitaru fit opened a Pandora’s box of questions.

Depending on the missile loaded, the Multirole Launcher has a range of between 687km to 945km. 754 more words

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My Astrahus build is underway.  This was started by my main character last year but was abandoned when I realised it would tie him down for too long in the one location.  49 more words

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