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Quote of the Day - Being Risk Averse in Null Sec

The problem here is that being risk averse is the intelligent move. As stated above, null groups always have to be thinking about not just this fight, but the next one, the next ten, the next war.

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Pondering all these Free Skill Points

When in doubt, give skill points out!

-Unofficial CCP Motto

As I noted earlier in the week, CCP is giving us more skill points as part of their summer event. 

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Down to 0

I used up all the unallocated skill points on my main pilot Elmis.

They allowed me to pick up all the Capital Weapon Specialization skills to rank 3. 255 more words

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CCP Should Build its Own EVE Online Kill Board

Over the weekend we were once again reminded about how much CCP and the EVE Online community depend on unpaid third party developers for much of the game’s knowledge infrastructure.  822 more words


EVE Online Summer Season of Skill Points

CCP once again proves they think we’re all about our skill points… and they are probably not wrong.

Login rewards in the form of skill points return to New Eden as CCP announces the… 475 more words