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Unexpected Reward

Unexpectedly (from my point of view), Collector’s Edition Mystery Code holders have been gifted four Concord skins and a couple combat suits.¬† ¬†Details here:

https://www.eveonline.com/article/pamcd3/concord-saro-skins-and-combat-suits-gifted-to-mystery-code-holders… 38 more words

EVE Online

The Great New Eden Shuttle Abandonment Festival

Otherwise known as the Federation Grand Prix.

In order to celebrate Federation Day in the Gallente Federation this event has been staged that celebrates neither democracy nor the Gallente Federation so far as I can tell. 1,455 more words


MER - Now with Fewer Charts

CCP was rolling a little later than usual with the Monthly Economic Report for May 2018.  Then again, they had a lot going on with the Into the Abyss expansion at the end of may, the great outpost conversion at the start of June, and the CSM13 election which concluded on Monday. 1,235 more words


Introducing Your CSM13 Representatives

The voting ended on Monday, the ballot boxes were as stuffed as they were going to get, and, with no real venue or event going on to carry the announcement, CCP went to Twitch to broadcast the winners of the election. 475 more words