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EVE is unforgiving - and that's why I love it

What follows is a cautionary tale that I want to impart to my remaining two readers.  It is a tale that starts with hubris, goes through stages of boredom, distraction and inattention and ends with a dead ship.   1,036 more words

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Eve FanFest: Deep Inside The World of Eve Online, The Blue Lagoon & Android Hellion Rains

By Harold Goldberg

It was an Icelandic, windswept, face-slapping rain. It was the kind of rain that would either anger you or wake you to a deeper realization, like a water torture that moved to water torpor to wet zen: a watery mind warper. 2,213 more words

Alliance Tournament Hype

The prestigious and once-a-year event of the Alliance Tournament is about to descend upon the New Eden universe.  Alliance executors scramble to please the patron saint of logistics and eveSports, CCP Logibro and ensure they have verified and their team will be entered into the event. 155 more words

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Last weekend my wife and I dropped the kids off at their grandparents and went away for our 21st wedding anniversary. We try to do this each year. 235 more words

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MTU Mailbag

Ever since I began my career as an MTU Hunter, I have received quite a lot of mail from capsuleers across New Eden, and now I would like to share some of them with you. 676 more words

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