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(IC) Family Matters

Kathyayini wants me to come back to her.

Of course she does. Now that I’ve come to accept how things are, how things were going to be, it all changes yet again. 428 more words

(IC) Highlander

While discussing corporate matters with SM.RB directors today, I logged onto the Intergalactic Summit channel and had a long conversation with Commander Diana Kim.

Cdr Kim and I have what I would describe as a strained friendship. 508 more words

Hvílð II

RL is still full on at the moment so my time in New Eden has been sparse and most of it has been spent playing catch up with the goings on – I’m jonesing for some solid play time… need to make some ISK and go shoot some things! 39 more words

EVE Online

This is DIP - And We Shall Not Be Revoked!

Yes, I have zero graphical talent and I can’t be bothered to make the picture look good in Paint… get over it.

So I hadn’t posted any battle reports or interesting things because I was trying not basically draw attention / drama to this fight. 1,098 more words

Eve Online

Doing the Null Sec Shuffle

The pre-Fozzie Sov re-alignment of New Eden continues apace.  If you look at the Null Sec Player Influence Maps site you can see changes on the map daily.  1,424 more words


Five Reasons I Couldn’t Get Into EVE Online

Now and then whenever I’m looking for a new game to play, I load up Steam and spend anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes at a time carefully perusing my recommended games. 657 more words