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The Real Nicknames We Give Our Toddlers

Cutie Pie? Little Angel? Sweetie?

There are a lot of names we like to call our children, but let’s face it, sometimes there are other labels we tend to call our children when they are anything but an angel. 474 more words


Am I Evel?

I can’t decide if it’s just an odd coincidence or some kind of cosmic convergence that led me to catch the Evel Knievel doc, Being Evel… 156 more words

New School

This Week at the Movies: 'American Ultra,' 'Grandma,' 'She's Funny That Way'

You can tell we’re in the back half of August, and not just by looking at the calendar. 488 more words


Film Review: 'Being Evel'

An exercise in hero worship that doesn’t shy away from its subject’s least admirable traits, “Being Evel” attempts to deliver a complex portrait of a man who preferred to be seen as a self-styled myth. 601 more words


Review: 'Being Evel'

Self-aggrandizing con man? Shrewd promoter? Or scruffy American hero? Daniel Junge’s new documentary about stunt-bike extraordinaire Evel Knievel, titled Being Evel, levies all these questions and more. 618 more words


How do our bones repair themselves?

The town of Butte, Montana, didn’t know what to make of Bobby.

The young man had always been restless. He dropped out of high school as a sophomore, and although everyone had thought he might skip town and roam, he’d gotten a job at Anaconda Mining Company. 665 more words