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Hospital Fun: Barium/Contrast Study

We started weaning Connie (now 7 months) in early December, and have found she has difficulty managing chunkier purée and has reflux with smooth purees of certain foods such as apple and meat. 359 more words


36 Weeks

Not long to go! I am still getting my hospital bag packed (it tickles me that this time Rich is more anxious than me to get it sorted). 56 more words

Week By Week

Track Listing 2016-01-08 #006

  • Johnny Clegg & Juluka – Umfazi Umdala
  • Buena Vista Social Club – Bodas de Oro
  • Camille – Baby Carni Bird

scandi segue


“What other name may I claim?”: Being Nobody in Frances Burney's Evelina

While Jane Austen is endearing and always worth reading time and again, Frances Burney puts a smile on my face because she isn’t as well-known, because her books seem to reflect, to an extent, her emotions while writing them, and because she wrote them despite pressure to stop. 1,186 more words


Remember that time, 10 months to the day actually, that I posted a biography about Frances Burney and promised you a review in a week or two of her first novel Evelina? 166 more words


Evelina “Honey” (featuring Mikael Gabriel) [Video Premiere]

Evelina Virallinen, commonly known as just Evelina, is a Finnish emerging singer and songwriter and potential pop star who debuted early this year with the release of a double A-Side single “ 87 more words


The importance of Home in Frances Burney’s Evelina (1778) and Jane Austen’s Persuasion (1816).

In A Room of One’s Own (1929), Virginia Woolf informs us that ‘towards the end of the eighteenth century, a change came about which, if I were rewriting history, I should describe more fully and think of greater importance than the Crusades or the Wars of the Roses. 2,276 more words