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Evelyn Lozada’s Engagement Called Off Cause R. Kelly Had Nothing On Carl Crawford

Last week news broke that Evelyn Lozada and the father of her son, former LA Dodger Carl Crawford had called off their four year engagement. 325 more words


Drugs & Sex Parties? What Really Split up Carl Crawford & Evelyn Lozada?

We cannot speak for everyone, but we were rooting for baseball player, Carl Crawford, and Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada to work out. As you may already know last week their engagement was called off and the couple split. 360 more words

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Was Carl Crawford Hosting Molly-Fueled Sex Parties?

Most were shocked to hear that Evelyn Lozada and her fiancé Carl Crawford called it quits. But an anonymous source says his lifestyle may have been the reason. 230 more words


Was Carl Crawford allege sex parties the Reason Evelyn Called Off Engagement

After news broke that Carl Crawford and Evelyn Lozada had broken off their engagement, a rep for the reality star confirmed the split citing Crawford’s infidelity as the reason. 238 more words


Da Brat & Gary With Da Tea Defend Evelyn Lozada's Right To Keep The Ring [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada got engaged to former MLB player Carl Crawford back in 2013. Apparently, in Feburary, the couple split up and the engagement was off because Evelyn suspected that Carl cheated. 267 more words


Bill's Got Beef: Evelyn Give The Ring Back. You Don't Need It!

08/16/17- Evelyn Lozada has hit every league with her lovers, the NFL, NBA and now baseball! She’s been packing the dough for a minute! Bill thinks that legally the ring should go back to… 80 more words

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Jackie Christie Sets The Record Straight About Evelyn Lozada & Takari [VIDEO]

Your weekly hosts Shamika Sanders and Rae Holliday have all the tea in the latest episode of Tea Talk. Also singer Lyrica Anderson shares what she’s got cooking next. 77 more words

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