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Style and Feminity in Wardrobe. Part 2. Unwomanly Styles

1. Business Style

Strict business suits aim not to divide workers between men and women but to neutralize almost all the visual differences. Therefore, the styles of classical women’s business suits do not differ from men’s ones: angular shoulders, pants with straight arrows, of neutral and unwomanly colors. 653 more words


Recycled Hollywood Glamour

How often do you go to Black Tie events? If you are anything like me, the answer is probably once in a blue moon. Last week that blue moon happened. 1,167 more words


Style and Femininity in Wardrobe. Part 1

This article is about how to look feminine and how to determine how much you need the femininity.

Femininity is not something that is given from birth. 557 more words


Strict Evening Dress - Elegance with a Touch of Gentility

Evening dresses are the adornment of every modern fashionistas’ wardrobes. These garments are designed for various social events and celebrations, trips to the theater and restaurant; they emphasize feminine charm and beauty. 229 more words


It is easy to be slim: 10 stylish tricks for visual body shape correction

Every woman wants to be beautiful, have a slender body, and to attract the attention of men. This can be done even without exercising in the gym, and special diets. 560 more words


Lace Dresses – Are They Suitable Only for Special Occasions?

Lace dresses are the opportunity to change radically the way boring image.

Worldwide famous fashion designers have tended to dress all women in lace, not only as evening dresses but also to diversify their everyday clothes, offering unusual colors and interesting style combinations. 180 more words


Beside Couture By Gemy

Dresses from famous fashionable brand Beside Couture by Gemy are always festive. It seems that it is impossible to find the pretty girl who would refuse at least just to try on such a dress. 92 more words