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The Hollywood Manifesto-Get Inspiration For Your Prom Dress

The beauty speaks manifold when you are out there wearing this prom dress which really put this glorious feeling bouncing in your heart. A prom dress is a sensational thing which holds a very special place in every girls’ heart. 394 more words

Experiencing The Splash Of Multi Colored Prom Dresses

The splash of colors which are so enigmatic in the prom dresses, so pure, so different that it makes it all a heartwarming experiences for the ladies out there. 469 more words

F.U.N Lacquer New Year 2017 Collection

So I went a bit crazy. I saw this collection on Instagram and it just hit me: I must have it. I’m not even exactly sure what it was about it! 122 more words


HOT RED!!!!! 

I’ve always been a fan of red since I was a kid. It just always been my fave colour

I simply love this dress

The Gatsby Gown

I thought it was just a Halloween costume, but even so, I wanted it to be the best looking Halloween costume I’d ever pulled off. With the asymmetrical pixie cut and fall lipstick, hair and makeup was taken care of, but the gown itself posed an issue.  628 more words


Information About Formal Dresses

Formal dresses come in different styles, colors and patterns. They vary from country to country or even from region to region within a country. With different cultures, you can find different types of formal clothing. 470 more words

Mistakes That Women Often Make While Choosing Evening Gowns

Several aspects must be considered while choosing and wearing evening gowns for your wedding function. Many people insist on choosing a particular gown and they make all efforts to stick to their decision in a stubborn way. 489 more words