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Onion Bhajiya

One for Grandpa.

This recipe is dedicated to my grandpa, who now is 80 years old. :) Whenever he is bored with the contemporary food, he very subtly asks me to make it and I enjoy making it too. 430 more words


Hot Hot Appam with leftover Vermiseli Upma.

Tossa / Appam is a popular snack from South India and has various names refereed to as  “Pudd” in Karnataka and as Appam in Tamil Nadu. 275 more words


Recipe: Sautéed Veggies with Chicken

So posting an extra fast recipe for a quick healthy evening meal, which can be consumed as a salad, appetiser or a full meal (it’s all your perception, choice & timing really) 281 more words

Deep fried Gold coins

I am so excited to share this absolutely interesting recipe, these coins came out so well that all of it finished in just 5 minutes. I assure you these will fly off the plate at your home!  504 more words


Dhokla Manchurian with leftover Idli batter

In my previous post i showed you how to make Dhokla with Idli batter,  In this post i will show you how to make your Dhoklas more interesting. 303 more words


Chinese style Roti fry

In one of my previous posts i showed you how to make Roti chips  In this recipe i will show you how to make another interesting and awesome snack. 222 more words


GOA and the Ros Omlette

From the days of Rs. 10/- plate, the price of ‘ros omlette has steadily increased now to Rs. 30/- plate which is ok, just that the quantity has gotten smaller, the taste however has remained the same. 354 more words