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Chatpata Toast

This recipe could be your saviour… if you have sudden guest coming over your place… and also kids would love it.. My little one loved it because of the tangy taste and little crispness of the bread.. 244 more words

Easy To Go Starters And Desserts

Veg-Corn Spring Roll

Vegetable Corn Spring Roll the best snack for all those who don’t consume vegetables as it is or when used in a curry. Kids like my son, who don’t like to eat vegetables can be fed with this snack to ensure the get their share of energy and vitamin intake. 287 more words

Snack Time Recipes

Today I am sharing with you all a recipe of one of the very famous snack/starter, which is enjoyed by almost all Indian family.
It is also very easy and quick to make With just a few basic ingredients readily available in any Indian kitchen /pantry. 285 more words


Paneer Roll

The different roll.

You must have heard of spring roll, where vegetables like cabbage, capsicum and carrots are used as filling. But how about a paneer roll? 531 more words


Let’s see how to prepare Paneer Bread roll.

Paneer is the Indian cottage cheese. Milk is curdled using food acid and drained to remove water content to make paneer. 203 more words


It is a very simple yet drooling snack. Origins from south of Karnataka (state in India).i grew up eating these snacks and now my husband loves it too. 283 more words


Take 1 cup rice flour, ½ cup semolina(rave/sajjige), ¼ cup wheat flour, 2 tbsp each –

Once the oil in the pan is hot enough drop these in oil and fry them in medium heat until golden brown.Do not fry them in high heat so as to prevent them from burning and to cook all the vade’s to cook equally. 189 more words