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Baby corn fritters

  Baby corn fritters are crispy, crunchy snack and kids will love this. It is an incomparable snack with unique taste and texture.  For the first time I had this in a wedding reception of one of my cousins. 138 more words


Pumpkin buns

Pumpkin buns are super soft,coloured,sweet buns made from yellow pumpkin puree.No artificial colouring or flavouring needed for these buns.Only thing we need to check before is the quality of the yeast.Yeast that proofs well gives soft buns. 394 more words


My evening snack :-)

Hey everyone! How are you all today? What did you do today? I’m currently going have my little snack for tonight :-P haha I have realised that my last few posts have been about food 😂 it is currently 19:18pm in England, what time is it where you live?

Bandh Gobi Ke Pakode

Today being a holiday (Republic Day), I had planned to go for a movie in the evening with my husband. We had also got ready and were just about to leave when Bangalore’s characteristic weather suddenly showed up. 344 more words

Evening Snack

Kappa Puzhungiyathu | Boiled Tapioca with Kanthari Mulaku Chammanthi

This dish brings along with it a lot of memories of my childhood!When I did my schooling..just 3 years in kerala,staying with my grandparents..it brings a smile and also a tear on my face..a smile thinking about all that pampering and affection I used to get,being the first and only grandchild on both my maternal and paternal side(At that time :) !Now I have a lot of cousins :) ) and a tear thinking how much I miss my dearest GrandFather who passed away 3 years back..All those days spent with him..just feels like yesterday..How fast time flies!I remember the scene..years aback..the time when I came back from my school..our backyard would be buzzing with activity..lots of workers,bringing the harvest from the paddy fields..threshing,winnowing,the naadan pattu(Local folk songs)…etc..Nowadays there are machines which makes these processes a lot more easier with less labour..nothing like before :( So all these remain memories!We dont get to see them today. 357 more words

Masala Vadai recipe

Masala Vadai ia an easy and crispy tea time snack.It is a popular South Indian snack prepared with chana dal(bengal gram dal).Masala vadai tastes good only if it comes out crispy and crunchy. 139 more words


Besan Sev

After the Diwali specials, here is something for you to snack till I get back with something big

A Savory snack for you to enjoy your evenings with friends and family. 116 more words