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Evening Rain

Rain fell heavy and unyielding upon the ground – so heavily in fact that a fine mist had risen to float above the dark pavement. Against the glow of the distance streetlight the drops could be seen falling so fast they looked like nothing more than straight lines falling to the Earth. 79 more words

The Simple Things


this evening barely audible, singular breath

filled with the handsome weight of thoughts laid upon my pillow

while meaningful emptiness cracks my ears with silence… 29 more words


Naturally Framed

The town of Burlington, VT, as viewed from one of the beaches on the bicycle trail along the lake.

WPC- Frame

Weekly Photo Challenge


Looking east at sunset on Berwick pier.

Calm and clear with hardly a breath of wind.


Mother's Power

The sheer magnitude
of Mother’s Power
makes for quakes
roiling deep within

This photograph was taken with my Canon 6D on August 21st at 7:53pm.   162 more words


E'en an eel!

I’m probably screwing up on the common three-letter crossword clue for “after afternoon, in poetry.” Oh well. It’s a fun way to introduce the idea of evenings being eels. 476 more words


Louvre with moon

The title says it all – what more is there to add.

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