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Rocky Mount NC – It Is A Damn Shame That The Haters Are Reporting Half-Trues Because They Have An Issue With Location Of The Event Center

Damn shame these ignant racists continue to attempt to discredit The Event Center even while it is almost half way through its completion. They are reporting half-trues because they act as if the Imperial Center, The Library, The Prime Smokehouse and other businesses are not within walking distance. 256 more words

Rocky Mount NC

Vanderburgh County- Evansville (1891-1969)

Photo taken 11/11/17

Photo taken 11/11/17

Vanderburgh County (pop. 181,877, 7/92)
Evansville (pop. 119,477)
Built: 1891
Cost: $650,000. ($16.5 million in 2016)
Architect: Henry Wolters… 207 more words


What's My Favorite Word? S.P.U.F!

Every Tuesday, upbeat screaming can be heard at the top of the SJSU Event Center all the way down to the main entrance of the Student Union. 334 more words


MDN: Graceland To Fill City Arena Gap With $50 Million Whitehaven Theater

MDN: Graceland To Fill City Arena Gap With $50 Million Whitehaven Theater

The next phase in Graceland’s expansion in Whitehaven will be a $40 million to $50 million investment in a 6,000- to 7,000-seat theater and event center about where the Heartbreak Hotel currently stands. 263 more words

Rocky Mount NC - Property purchased near event center site raises questions – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Damn this is too funny. An immediate family member? Really? Why not just say his mother? Then you call his mother a proxy as if she is not competent to do business. 317 more words

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Rocky Mount NC - If This Is Corruption, Then Let’s Go Back And Look At All The White Politicians That Have Acquired Stuff And Let’s Talk About Everybody

Sparks anger by who? Who angry? Damn acquiring of the property is public so what makes this corruption? If it is hell I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. 624 more words

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