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An idea for an event is a Block Party. Invite neighbors and have food, fun and fellowship. It does not have to be long. Two or three hours. 121 more words

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Today is an Event

Event Evangelism, Inc is the legal name for SOS Events ministry and all of our witnessing takes place at events. The definition of an event by the founder of SOS Events ministry is “An event is when you get up in the morning.” 147 more words

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Twas a Nightmare before Christmas Theme

Twas the nightmare before Christmas oh I mean Twas the night before Christmas! I am one who loves the movie, “A nightmare before Christmas” I guess you could say obsessed with good old Jack, so this year  went all out. 301 more words

Event Ideas

3 Ideas for an Amazing Holiday Party!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again!  And we love helping companies plan their holiday party while staying on a budget.  Whether it is in a restaurant, lounge, the company’s meeting room, or a manager’s home, … 158 more words


New Idea For Event Highlights

Before an event begin, sponsors and event organizers want to use some highlights to attract Medias’ and audiences’ attention.Then SmileClouds maker was born for that. It is a new and innovative machine, which can produce various shapes of clouds like LOGO, words, numbers, animals, cartoons, etc, float up to the sky. 47 more words


A thanksgiving idea to cherish with your family

I love family Traditions and I use to have one with my dad’s family before my parents divorced. I have such a big family on my fathers side that every year we would get together at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. 371 more words

Crafty Ideas

How to Use Characters at your Next Event? Part 2

How to Use Characters at your Next Event? Part 2

Now that your background characters have been set, let’s explore your side characters.

In any book / show / movie the point of your side characters is to facilitate action. 447 more words