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How to Throw the Ultimate Pizza Party

Did somebody say pizza + party? We were inspired by Bite Me More‘s awesome post on throwing a pizza party, and we felt compelled to share our own tips on how to throw the ultimate pizza party this city has ever seen! 439 more words

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What's the Point?

You do the research to find a good stage act- ask industry professionals, read websites, watch demo reels and write 300 back-and-forth emails to said talent. 431 more words

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Host Your Very Own Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

It’s the Fifth of May, and you know what’s going down. It’s Cinco de Mayo!

Whether you’re gearing up for a tequila-filled Tuesday evening, or a lunch gathering at work, we’ve got a list of what to serve for a rockin’ fiesta! 304 more words

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Event Planning: All About the Legwork

I think when you really boil down to what event planning is, it’s all about the legwork. We often find ourselves in situations with clients, friends and family when we are responding with statements like “well, you can call this (person/place/thing)…” or “Check this site, then this one, then combine them, then call so-and-so to order it”. 421 more words

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Church Yard Evangelism

Church-yard evangelism is one of the most powerful growth vehicles for any church, if done right. The problem is, most could be a great deal more effective than they are; think about any of these activities you have been involved in over the years at any church you have visited. 308 more words

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Philanthropic Event Ideas


The Key: The variety of “thons” makes for fun and solid fund-raising, though a bit worn out. However, donors do not mind signing up for a certain portion of a “thon” if they know the money is going to a worthy cause. 3,164 more words

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