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Epic Events To Watch Out For The Whole Year

After a loud, boisterous and epic New Year’s Eve followed by a fiery and scathingly hot scorcher for a Valentine’s Night, party animals are looking forward to the next big bash because these extreme extroverts feel empty, hollow and miserable inside when they are not surrounded by the writhing and gyrating bodies of people lost in the ecstasy of celebration and pure bliss. 491 more words

Event Planning

Event-Planning: A Service or a Skill?

When we think of an event, we may think of something dazzling, like the Super Bowl, or another major event that is broadcasted and talked about on television. 433 more words

Event Planning


Photography: Katherine Holland

The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix… the list goes on. These rock and roll legends were definitely there in spirit at this past week’s… 208 more words


Eclipse List

Tomorrow is the first Solar Eclipse of the year. 2 weeks ago we had a lunar eclipse. The sun and moon will be joined in the new moon cycle with the South Node and Neptune. 137 more words


5 Ways To Get The Best Work Out Of Your Professional Corporate Event Organizer

Corporate events are major undertakings that are not for the faint of heart. In order for one of these shindigs to go off without a hitch, you need the right event organizer in place to get things done. 333 more words

Corporate Events

Career Crushing on Jade McKenzie - Event Planner

 Jade McKenzie, 34, had absolutely no idea what she wanted to do in high school. She spent six months studying a psychology course because she felt the pressure to attend university. 960 more words