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Meet Our Speakers

Prashan de Visser is the Founder and President of Sri Lanka Unites, a youth movement for hope and reconciliation in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Unites is one of the largest youth movements in the country today with over 15,000 members. 357 more words


Who Makes Your Nightlife Event To Rock

When it comes down to New York City then you will be at the world’s most renowned entertainment hub.

From great artists, high end night clubs, to an ideal multifaceted entertainment set ups, NYC leads the pack. 448 more words


What’s An Ideal Nightlife Event All About

After a long research on nightlife events I have finally found out what makes these events quite exceptional. Well you might not believe it but if you read along then you will see the sense. 530 more words


Man in wheelchair crowd surfed his way to the stage at Osheaga Festival.

The exposure on recent festival deaths can lead the public into forgetting the unity that these events encourage. The Osheaga festival in Montreal that has just passed is the perfect example of how connected to one another we can become. 75 more words


[Information] Dragon Blaze Producer Q&A Results

What was the reason for the Guild Battle schedule change? Any plans to improve the scheduling for players who are in different time-zones?

The reasoning behind changing it to a set schedule was to ultimately improve matchmaking. 1,492 more words


QMUL Event- Abusing the Corpse: An Illustrated History of Necrophilia in the UK

In September 2006, Wisconsin police discovered Nicholas Grunke, Alexander Grunke and Dustin Radtke digging into the grave of a recently deceased woman. Upon questioning by police, Alexander Grunke explained that the three men wanted to exhume the body for sexual intercourse. 186 more words

6 years Windows of Vienna

August 5th, 2009 marks the day, when a little blog on the platform Blogger called ‘All about Hermès‘ by Vanmiracle turned into ‘Windows of Vienna’. 126 more words