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The Murder of the Indian River Lagoon and St Lucie RIver

This photo was taken March 18, 2015 by Jacqui¬†Thurlow-Lippisch. This water brings destruction AGAIN to the Indian RIver Lagoon and the St Lucie RIver. The recently released water study by the University of Florida states that even if all of the planned projects north of the lake are completed we will still have so much phosphorus in the lake that we won’t be able to do anything but discharge it into the coastal estuaries in wet years. 310 more words


Will lawmakers spend the money to buy sugar land for Everglades restoration?

Did Floridians pushing lawmakers to buy U.S. Sugar Corp. land south of Lake Okeechobee got a boost from a University of Florida study last week? 422 more words


On the Recent Everglades TV Ads in South Florida and what's next in the Everglades Restoration

South Floridians may have noticed advertisements on TV recently sponsored by NGOs who work on Everglades Restoration. These ads are urging state lawmakers to use Amendment 1 money to buy land that will serve as a reservoir to bring water from lake Okeechobee down to the forever-water-starved Everglades. 384 more words

Florida Ecosystem Management

the politics of Green and Everglades Restoration

the politics of Green and Everglades Restoration-

Recently I viewed another TV commercial urging Floridians to contact their Representatives and URGE them to BUY the Sugar Land..??? 92 more words


Should the state buy the U.S. Sugar land for Everglades restoration?

For all the South Florida residents who will benefit if the state buys sugar industry land south of Lake Okeechobee, frustrations mount.

That’s because this story is getting old — quickly. 476 more words


Are you confident the governor and lawmakers will do the right thing with the Amendment 1 money?

For the last few weeks, Gov. Rick Scott has been playing a new role as a nature-lover. Meeting the press in the Everglades, with a caged Florida panther nearby, he announces a $5 billion Everglades restoration plan. 336 more words