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Downright Tropical at 21*

Montana is cold. If you could see my electric bill it might make you cry. I know it makes me want to cry, but then I remember heat is necessary and I like my toes. 438 more words

Patton's Silver Splendor White Pine

‘Patton’s Silver Splendor’ white pine was selected after a decade of screening by U of M researchers. It has exceptional resistance to white pine blister rust, which threatens to destroy native white pines. 51 more words



It started as an attempt at abstract, but I guess that’s not really my thing.  It can’t be very abstract if it’s obvious what it is. 76 more words


Tree Nursery

Tn Nursery ships to all states. Voted the #1 plant nursery for 12 years in a row for quality plants at low grower prices. Anyone can shop and buy trees affordable.

Regal Privet Plant

Regal Privet Plant – Ligustrum obtusifolium var. regelianum
The Regal Privet Plant is considered a fast-growing, hardy shrub. If left to grow on its own, it will create spreading branches that can mature to a beautiful, found-like hedge. 285 more words

Create An Elegant Living Privacy Fence

Busy highways? Noisy neighbors? Streetlights glaring through your windows? Wooden fences are very costly and annoying because of their wall like appearance. They are also costly to keep up, having to repaint or stain the wood every couple years. 184 more words

Preventing Bagworms From Killing Leyland Cypress Trees

No one is buying or selling leyland cypress in the southeast anymore. It’s due to those horrid bagworms. We planted 16 big beautiful healthy leyland cypress trees around our pool. 51 more words