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The sweet scent of spring

Smell something sweet as you’re walking in the woods?

In our neighborhood, it’s the American Holly blooming.


And by the way, don’t trim those lower branches! 18 more words

Backyard Habitat

Species of Evergreen Trees

Since they remain green and beautiful throughout the year, evergreens are popular in almost any setting. Landscapers and homeowners love evergreen trees and shrubs because of the relatively low maintenance and lasting appearance, retaining the same look year-round and, of course, no leaves to rake. 348 more words


Downright Tropical at 21*

Montana is cold. If you could see my electric bill it might make you cry. I know it makes me want to cry, but then I remember heat is necessary and I like my toes. 438 more words

Patton's Silver Splendor White Pine

‘Patton’s Silver Splendor’ white pine was selected after a decade of screening by U of M researchers. It has exceptional resistance to white pine blister rust, which threatens to destroy native white pines. 51 more words


Tree Nursery

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Regal Privet Plant

Regal Privet Plant – Ligustrum obtusifolium var. regelianum
The Regal Privet Plant is considered a fast-growing, hardy shrub. If left to grow on its own, it will create spreading branches that can mature to a beautiful, found-like hedge. 285 more words