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Before You Write--Finding and Organizing Your Story Ideas

So, you’ve got a story idea, or a thousand of them flying around in your brain. Maybe one hit you in the head while you were pouring your lychee juice or perhaps you have been collecting them for months. 2,769 more words


The need for worldview-Why worldview is so important to understand our world today

We’re living a very interesting time in the world today.
There are many situations where people don’t really understand why things are changing and the society is getting so different compared to what it used to be. 1,261 more words


Evernote - Bloatware, PUP or Virus?

Just bought myself a new phone with Android 6, on my first day I went through all the preinstalled software and tried to delete the stuff that I will never use. 536 more words


Be a creator not a consumer

Be a creator not a consumer

It’s too easy to consume, too easy to spend minutes, hours, days hoovering up content looking for that spark, that perfect call to arms, that will never come. 97 more words

I’m Eric Tummers, Technical Consultant at Valid, and this is how I work

I’m hired as a Software Architect to build a solution with Microsoft products. Our team works by the scrum guide and is moving towards continuous deployment. 706 more words

How to Read Better: 3 Simple Ways to Improve Reading Comprehension

(Source: jamesclear.com)

Finishing a book is easy. Understanding it is harder.

In recent years, I have focused on building good reading habits and learned… 945 more words

Money Matters

My new best friend - Evernote

You have seen it on this blog a few times – not as many times as others had to read or hear it from me in person but nevertheless – that I have not found the time to write much. 472 more words