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Did I make the cut? My guide to editing.

Some years ago I wrote about the editing process for Leg It and how I expected to edit Idle Threats. Now that I have finished my third novel, Counterbalance, it is probably time to revisit the process and see if anything has changed. 1,567 more words


Evernote Student Discount Extended

So we all know that I’m a die hard Evernote user and think that if Evernote were a person it should run for President. (Just wanted to get that out of the way). 352 more words


The Bloggers Mobile

Blog, blogging, Tech, Technology / 2016-08-25 / by sable | Sabbles woz ‘ere

I got this Phablet last year, and its speed, memory, screen and power put both my tablet and laptop to shame. 12 more words


Which note-taking app?

We all use note-taking apps. Long gone are the days when we used to email ourselves a useful site or piece of information. In this brief article I will present what I think are the four best options currently available. 974 more words


Library School - Dissertationing

I have officially finished library school! I posted my Masters dissertation off to Newcastle on September 5th in an embarrassingly large padded envelope, drawing a line under formal academic study for the time being. 663 more words