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No Future With Evernote

When the semester began, I really wanted to commit to Evernote. I created a notebook for my Creating Digital History class notes, as well as created a separate notebook for my initial digital archive and Omeka exhibition topic: The Hans Hofmann School. 611 more words

The final verdict on Evernote: "Meh."

I had heard of Evernote before I took this class, from a friend of mine who swore that it was a lifesaver in terms of helping her keep her life organized. 553 more words

Evernote joins the global conspiracy against left-handed people

I’ve spent the last two years in library school, but somehow it still never occurred to me to use note-taking and information management software for my own purposes until I took this class.  1,011 more words

Save Time Running Errands with One App

Being an adult is lame sometimes.  You’ve got bills to pay.  You’ve got to work 40+ hours a week so you can pay those bills.  You’ve got to feed and groom yourself so you can get the job you need so you can pay the bills. 1,899 more words


Evernoteの就任間もないCOO、Linda Kozlowskiが年内退職へ [ #cbajp ]

Evernoteは、人の生活やそれ以上の物事に関するアイデアとメモを残すプラットフォームとして名を成してきた。しかし、同じ永続性はそこで働く人々にはあてはまらなかった。本誌は複数の情報筋を通じて、EvernoteのCOO、Linda Kozlowskiが、年内に会社を去る予定であることを確認した。



My Evernote Review

In today’s world, there is an endless supply of digital tools and applications.  These digital tools provide a means of organization and accessibility.  Prior to this class, Creating Digital History, I had never used nor heard of Evernote.   485 more words