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A Writer’s Toolkit

Tools to help with the mechanics of writing

Under Windows:

Microsoft Word: This is the Big Brother of word processing software, but it’s expensive. A good alternative is… 741 more words


Notesmaking in Evernote [Online Notes]

I consider this as a skill which lot of aspirant doesn’t give much thought to. Usually what happens is that as soon as one start preparation, they start making notes in some manner – either jotting down important points in a copy, or scribbling in the book or highlighting it. 391 more words


How to Save Knowledge When Teammates Leave

You know the feeling: Someone on your team announces at the staff meeting that she’s leaving the company for a new job.

You’re happy for her. 966 more words

What and Why

Why start this blog?


  • I wanted to get the experience of putting my thoughts in print.  It’s an exercise in clarifying my thinking.

  • Maybe other people can learn from some of my experiences…

  • 75 more words

Chaotic organisation or organised chaos?

I’ve always thought of myself as an organised type of person, everything in it’s place even if it doesn’t appear so – you know the sort. 662 more words

Learning Journal

Prelims Strategy for CSE/IFoS

I am of the opinion that Prelims is a test of temperament and not of knowledge. Let me explain.

There are at least 50000-60000 aspirants who deserve to clear prelims each year. 1,291 more words


6 Apps To Help You Stay Productive

In this era of the internet and social media, it’s indeed a struggle to stay productive because of the many distractions present. Your smartphones could really be advantageous, but sometimes it can cause you delay because of how you use it – checking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, chatting with friends – and forgetting all urgent tasks that are needed to be done. 579 more words