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June in Review

The Site

Well, WordPress.com finally decided to impose their new stats page on us.  I am not a fan, to say the least.  While they did fix the problem where the first three years of my stats were missing, which I… 1,630 more words


EverQuest II Time Locked Expansion Server Names Poll Unlocks the Irony

Meanwhile Daybreak is going forward with their EverQuest II nostalgia plan, involving those PvE and PvP Time Locked Expansion servers, and holding an in-game poll to decide what they should be named. 396 more words


Nostalgia Strikes Norrath (Again)

Shortly after the feeding frenzy that was the new Everquest progression server’s launch, another was added, as Daybreak was probably shocked and overwhelmed by the flood of new and returning players. 1,466 more words


The First EverQuest II Progression Server Polls and Some Details

That company, Daybreak, which claims to have once been SOE, continues moving forward and doing things in a very un-SOE-like way.  In this case, Daybreak seems to be moving quickly ahead with the… 2,378 more words


A Bit of Ancient History that Still Sticks With Me...

There has been this problem in MMORPGs of having to have sufficient content… in the form of whatever bad guys or monsters… or mobs if you want to go Diku MUD old school in your terminology… available for players while not looking like you are packing them in like a vending machine. 1,061 more words


Only on Inventory Full, "Back To The Old House : EQ2, Everquest"

Inventory Full, “Back To The Old House: EQ2, Everquest”

I was reading Bhagpuss’s accurate recollection of early EverQuest II, and it made me consider why I am excited about the prospect of a new server for the game. 405 more words


What Sort of Special Server for EverQuest II Then?

Apparently it has somehow not escaped the notice of the EverQuest II team at Daybreak that the Ragefire and Lockjaw time locked progression servers have been a pretty big deal over on the… 1,255 more words