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trolling trolls

Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did Wildermore dailies, got more local tokens (nowhere to use, anyway), then went to Aldburg and used some task board items. 291 more words

Fun in Lotro and Everquest

Lord of the rings online

Weekend was full of activity.
Vytautaz started grinding Wildermore wood trolls. One 60-minutes slayer deed accelerator, then some 50 trolls killed without one: deed completed. 632 more words

My Secret EverQuest II Shame

I mentioned the expansion unlock poll on the Stormhold server last week. (It passed.)  But there was another poll available as well.  It was aimed at classifying what aspects of the game the people taking the poll enjoyed most. 176 more words


lack of time, Noriath

Lord of the rings online

Real life interferes once again: had little time (~1,5 hours) to play. Entwood, local crafting instances (other quests are too long). 233 more words

Wizards and deaths

Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did Wildermore dailies, earning more tokens and moving towards another tier of reputation. Then I went for Entwood dailies which were kind of good for me. 331 more words

Everquest-ing, Wildermore-ing

Lord of the rings online

Entwood dailies, as always, getting local barter currency. Right now i have >1000 Fangorn leaves and do not even think what to do with them. 320 more words

Everquest, Forsaken world, Lotro

Lord of the ring

Vytautaz did standard Entwood dailies, sometimes with much success. Experience flows, I am getting lots of task items which may be usefull later. 585 more words