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EverQuest - The Broken Mirror Lands in Norrath

I thought The Broken Mirror expansion was going to go live today… I seem to recall reading the 19th as the date over at Massively OP at some point… but when I went to go check for this post I found that the the… 739 more words


EverQuest II Terrors of Thalumbra Goes Live Today

Today is the day and the unexpected 12th expansion for EverQuest II, the Terrors of Thalumbra, is set to launch.

I write “unexpected” because… 380 more words


EverQuest II - US Server Merges Complete, Kingdom of Sky Rejected, and Other Tidbits

The server merge… or server consolidation… or whatever they ended up calling it… plans for EverQuest II, officially announced back in August, are now complete.  Nine of the low population servers have been consolidated into three. 855 more words


A Farewell to Crushbone as We Head Towards Maj'dul

Server merges have begun for Crushbone, Butcherblock and Oasis! See you 7am PST tomorrow Maj'Dulers! Wish the hamsters well! #eq2

— Holly Longdale (@TheWindstalker) October 20, 2015…

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The Perils of PlanetSide and Payment Models

The game is really struggling, and it isn’t just on PS4 to be honest, and we are actively looking at things that can try and help change that in the short term.

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