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August in Review

The Site

Well, I already wrapped up Blaugust in the previous post and, this being my 42nd post in August,  With this I managed to cover at least the “post every day” aspect of the event. 1,948 more words


Stormhold and Deathtoll Players See Their Shadow, 30 More Days of EverQuest II Classic

Another poll result for the EverQuest II Time Locked Expansion servers.

Last weekend I was imploring players on the Stormhold server to vote no on unlocking the… 258 more words


Shades of Drinal

Back in Norrath, I had just completed the Eidolon Jungle zone and was excited to see what new things were in store for me next. First things first, I was sent to the Eastern Wastes back on Velious, where I was to meet with a contact who would tell me what steps to take. 487 more words


The Gamer To-Do List: Update #4

It’s been about a week since I last made an update to my ongoing Gamer To-Do List project, so I thought I’d come back to it for another… 1,398 more words


Stormhold - If You Are Slow, I Urge You "Vote No!"

It occurs to me that I had not been really keeping track of all of the poll results when it comes to the EverQuest II… 454 more words


The Isle of Misfit Players - We Like Your Money, We Just Don't Like You

So in the very active world of EverQuest II of late… is anything else going on at Daybreak, because they don’t seem to be talking about anything besides… 935 more words