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July in Review

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I got another mighty blog achievement this month.

I think the lesson here is “kitten posts mean more likes” since that is where most of the likes showed up. 1,783 more words


Given the Boot in Fallen Gate

One of the weak points of a primarily quest driven MMORPG is pacing.  If you are going to make quests the focus of you game, then they really ought to be tuned so that a player doesn’t out level them or find the quests growing in difficulty faster than they grow in power. 1,247 more words


Looking for Nostalgia and a Guild on Fallen Gate

Over the weekend I gave in and re-upped for EverQuest II in order to potter around on the new Fallen Gate server.  That seemed to put me in league with just about every other… 1,395 more words


EverQuest II Opens Up the Fallen Gate Progression Server

Daybreak is back to playing the nostalgia server card again, this time for EverQuest II.

The server was expected to go live at Noon yesterday.  576 more words


How to Level Up in EverQuest II the Easy Way

There are three easy steps:

  1. Create a Daybreak account
  2. Wait until they offer a free character boost
  3. Profit!!!

For the last few years I think I have only leveled up in… 359 more words


The Beauty of Greater Faydark

In EverQuest II, there is a continent known as Faydwer, home to a region named Greater Faydark, a region nestled under a canopy of trees and home to the Fae and their tree-city of Kelethin. 109 more words

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A Return to Norrath

I haven’t played EverQuest II in quite some time. It was the first MMO I ever played (and how I met my husband), so whenever I am asked about my absolute favorite MMO, my immediate answer is EverQuest II. 304 more words

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