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Coming Soon....

I’ll just leave this here:

Now that I’ve officially revealed this and have given myself a firm deadline, looks like I’m 100% committed to completing this, or I’ll look quite the fool. 424 more words

Jason V.

We have enough mmos

“The gaming community loves to focus on the negative, but when you really think about it, now is a great time to be an MMORPG player. 484 more words


Ender's Game: Video Game Compulsions (Part I)

In part II of Walt Disney’s American science fiction movie Tron: Legacy, Kevin Flynn’s son Sam hunts for his missing father who is lost in a video game he created twenty years ago. 2,820 more words


welcome and have your say!

Welcome to the brand new mmo voices blog. I play mmos, obviously! and I read blogs on the state of the industry and the games I play. 186 more words


Macros, AAs and Adventures oh my!

So here we are in the newest of years, and I wanted to talk about my adventures as I level up the new Qinwena. To begin, there are many zones I was not familiar with or had even heard of and got to adventure in new and exciting places. 464 more words


2018 - Predictions for a New Year

Welcome to the new year… not the same as the old year we hope, but how often do we get that wish granted in a way we don’t later regret? 1,815 more words