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Sarith #1

Whenever I port into Sarith (I’m a wizard, so we get Sarith ports), I see the following statue. Why is she being showered by water, I wonder?


Emerald Jungle #2

Why are there stone iksar statues here? Were there once iksar heroes? Were these iksar once worshiped? And whatever happened to that one statue where there’s no longer a head?


Najena #1

So, Fableds recently started, right? Actually, they started on April 27th. Anyway, I went to Najena to get me some Fabled Journeyman’s Boots . As I navigate through to the named mob, I see upside down hanging dwarves. 18 more words


Plane of Knowledge #1

You ever walk up those library steps to go get your spells, only to be blocked by a blocked entrance like the one below? Yes, yes. 27 more words


Google Tells Me Nearly All Games are Dead

There is a game you can play with Google… well, there are probably many, but this is one of them… where you enter the name of something, followed by “is” to see what pre-filled search suggestions come up.  403 more words


Firiona Vie #1

Oh, I’m just a head here, sleeping. Don’t mind me. On a more serious note, why is there just a stone head there? Hmm.


Commonlands #1

So, I was cruising along Commonlands one fine evening and saw these 3 walking a path, minding their own business. Where were they going? Why were they going there? 17 more words