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EverQuest Launches Empires of Kunark

After decades if slumber, Imperator Tsaph Katta awakens and vows to reform the Combine Empire – the progenitors of much of the human race – by any means necessary.

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Nerd Cred, or, The Coolest Job Ever: #NaBloPoMo Day 4

In March 1999, I was wrapping up my senior year of high school in Houston, Texas. I had just won a creative writing scholarship to University of Houston. 2,351 more words

Personal Experience

Kunark is Coming November 15 and 16

The classic Norrath team and Daybreak seems to be up for the one-two punch.  This week we got announcements about the new expansions for EverQuest… 651 more words


Wandering Norrath with Maeru once again on Vox

Sorry I have not updated in almost two weeks, but the static had been kind of inactive for a while, and work and some life changes got in the way of mmorpging again, but tonight I was reunited with Maeru who had leapfrogged to 19 on her bard, while I was still sort of floundering at 12. 319 more words


Patch Day!

The EverQuest servers will be brought down tomorrow, September 21 at 6:30AM PST for the September update.  Daybreak’s patch notes can be found here and include lots of interesting fixes/tweaks/nerfs.   213 more words


EQ Resource Housing Contest Winners!

EQ Resource has announced the winners of their recent housing contest, a trifecta of victory!

  • Docventure – Cazic Thule; Willow Bridge Woods; 101 Vanward Street…
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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

I’ve been scouting Norrath almost daily for a few months checking to see what rare item Marcia has in her inventory.  Who is Marcia, you may ask?   244 more words