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Friday Bullet Points - Names and Prices and Gambling

It is Friday and, while I have posts that I could put up today, I wanted to cover a few small items that popped up this week, if only to write them down for discussion later.  748 more words


Fippy Darkpaw - A Merger Too Late

Long has been the tale of the Fippy Darkpaw Time Locked Progression server and it has been quite some time since I last posted about it. 869 more words


Friday Bullet Points for the End of September

Another one of those round up posts to quickly cover some things I thought about working up posts around, but which never quite materialized.

CCP Closes the Gate… 753 more words


Daybreak 30 Months In

30 months seems like a nice round number for a review.

I was thinking about Daybreak over the weekend.  It has been about two and a half years now since they… 805 more words

EverQuest II

There’s a New Game in Town – And it Looks a Lot Like an Old One

Yes, it’s been a while. What with rebuilding a laptop, lost more managers at work, busy summer at a tourist destination, I’ve had to contend with everything short of an astronomical event.  545 more words

Video Games

The Name Game

Thanks to Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge, I have content! If only I would have done this back when the challenge first came out, like weeks ago. 599 more words


Agnarr - Weekend 1 in the Books!

*eyes fly open and Hoshi sits up and looks around*

Who, wha? Where I am? What happened? WHY AM I USING A DEAD RAT AS A PILLOW?!? 431 more words