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Ragefire - A Vote for Kunark is a Vote for... something

The current round of EverQuest time locked progression servers, Ragefire and the spill over Lockjaw, continue to provide a spectacle as they move forward.  To their credit, Daybreak does appear to be paying attention, something that differentiates this round of servers from the Fippy Darkpaw and Vulak servers, where SOE was mostly an absentee landlord, setting a bar for the minimum amount of acceptable communication and then failing to meet it. 973 more words


Should games, or game manuals, be treated as books?

I’ve been playing adventure games on computers since I was about ten years old.  I was fortunateto grow up in the 80’s when the computer and arcade boom really took hold.  633 more words


Orc Complete, Strange Winter Weather & Spring Dragon

Its winter here. Although its been really hard to tell. We have had such mild weather that some of the trees have started flowering, only to be caught out by a cold snap that has pushed temperatures into reasonable frost range. 361 more words

Ragefire - Solving Those Open World Raiding Blues

We're working on a multi-pronged approach for Rfire and Ljaw raid issues. If they work well, we'll talk about them asap. In tinker mode.

— Holly Longdale (@TheWindstalker) …

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Nostalgia Strikes Norrath (Again)

Shortly after the feeding frenzy that was the new Everquest progression server’s launch, another was added, as Daybreak was probably shocked and overwhelmed by the flood of new and returning players. 1,466 more words


Bravely going backwards

My current project is a female orc from world of warcraft and its been a nice learning experience seeing where my mind tricks me into seeing something as I want it to be not as it is. 576 more words

Only on Inventory Full, "Back To The Old House : EQ2, Everquest"

Inventory Full, “Back To The Old House: EQ2, Everquest”

I was reading Bhagpuss’s accurate recollection of early EverQuest II, and it made me consider why I am excited about the prospect of a new server for the game. 405 more words