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The Lure of the Past

Currently Everquest is having a promotion to return to a progression rule set server – one that unlocks from the base game (with some improvements) as time progresses. 255 more words

The Circle of Hope

In 2002, in EverQuest, I was the leader of a growing mid-level guild.  Our members were just getting to the point where we wanted to raid (for epic weapons if nothing else), but we were more casual, and not hardcore raiders.  903 more words


#NBI2015: A Boat Ride Through Hell #NBI2015Safari

For my own Screenshot Safari challenge for this years Newbie Blogger Initiative, here is my third entry, for The Scariest Places Category. (Don’t worry: I am disqualifying myself from competing, just not participating.) 196 more words


Top 5 Friday: The Most Technically Impressive Games Ever.

Whether you’re a game developer, a developer of another type, or have never written a line of code in your life, if you play video games then there are undoubtedly moments when you’ve thought to yourself, ‘how in the world did they do that?’  As I’ve started developing games, this thought has started popping into my head more and more often, and with more specificity than ever.  1,219 more words

World Of Warcraft

The Four Stages of Ragefire Login Grief

The official launch announcement is up in the forums, the Ragefire time locked progression server is live.  Now the reality strikes home…

Login server is getting SLAMMED.

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Ragefire First Night Follies - Half-Elf Bards, Level 50s, and the Big Wipe

On the bright side, I suppose it says something that a game past its 16th birthday can open a new server… a new server that requires you to be a subscriber in an age when free to play is the norm… and find it overloaded. 878 more words


EverQuest Ragefire Progression Server is Coming May 20th

I have to ask again, who are these people who claim to have once been Sony Online Entertainment?  They seem to be moving at a speed unlike anything I ever saw out of SOE. 922 more words