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Much Watching, Little Playing

To be honest I am in a bit of a “what game do I play” funk. For sure its a first world problem but still its making a mess of my limited game time. 533 more words

So Many Scales

I finished off my dwarven cleric with mixed results – bit I like bits I don’t like but that is the nature of drawing I guess. 678 more words

Elder Dwarf Warrior

I finished the line art of another dragon – you can see it on the line art page.

I also started an elder dwarven warrior – trying to make a character that was scared, old and looking grizzled. 393 more words

Ain't No Cure for the Summertime MMO Ennui Blues

Theoretically, this should be an exciting time for MMOs for me.

Blizzard finally gave us the WoW 6.2 patch, bringing us a new zone and opening up flying in Draenor.  618 more words


Ragefire - Counting Votes, Fighting Boxers, and Keeping Casuals at Bay

The results of the Ruins of Kunark vote are in for the Ragefire and Lockjaw servers.  As a reminder, here is what the ballot looked like: 1,554 more words


June in Review

The Site

Well, WordPress.com finally decided to impose their new stats page on us.  I am not a fan, to say the least.  While they did fix the problem where the first three years of my stats were missing, which I… 1,630 more words


Ragefire - A Vote for Kunark is a Vote for... something

The current round of EverQuest time locked progression servers, Ragefire and the spill over Lockjaw, continue to provide a spectacle as they move forward.  To their credit, Daybreak does appear to be paying attention, something that differentiates this round of servers from the Fippy Darkpaw and Vulak servers, where SOE was mostly an absentee landlord, setting a bar for the minimum amount of acceptable communication and then failing to meet it. 973 more words