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GAMING: My Return to Dark Age of Camelot by Jesse Winter

A shot of nostalgia ran through me playing Dark Age of Camelot after a 10 year hiatus—like picking up the phantom scent of your grandma’s cookies, or walking through the hallways of your old high school. 1,368 more words


FAQ: What Is The Galarian Chronicles?

It’s funny….I originally made Galarian Gaming as gaming, gaming and only gaming. While this isn’t specifically gaming related, it has a history rich through gaming its self, so there is still a correlation with the subject matter. 1,105 more words

Jason V.

EverQuest at Nineteen Launches a New Server

I see it around me
I see it in everything

-My Sundown, Jimmy Eat World

Here we are at EverQuest’s nineteenth birthday.  Cue the usual tale about buying it at Fry’s on the way home from work back on March 16, 1999, arriving home, installing it, and being instantly hooked.

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Coming Soon....

I’ll just leave this here:

Now that I’ve officially revealed this and have given myself a firm deadline, looks like I’m 100% committed to completing this, or I’ll look quite the fool. 424 more words

Jason V.

We have enough mmos

“The gaming community loves to focus on the negative, but when you really think about it, now is a great time to be an MMORPG player. 484 more words

Ender's Game: Video Game Compulsions (Part I)

In part II of Walt Disney’s American science fiction movie Tron: Legacy, Kevin Flynn’s son Sam hunts for his missing father who is lost in a video game he created twenty years ago. 2,820 more words


welcome and have your say!

Welcome to the brand new mmo voices blog. I play mmos, obviously! and I read blogs on the state of the industry and the games I play. 186 more words