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Visionary Realms Brings Back the Old School in Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen

Visionary Realms, a fairly new gaming company established only within the past few years, has been brewing up a new game that may be what the MMORPG community needs. 923 more words


Where the Hell is that EverQuest Successor Already?

A staple of MMO blogging is going on about the good old days, and no days were gooder and older at the same time than classic… 1,230 more words


Landmark cancelled

Daybreak just announced cancellation of EverQuest: Landmark. This is part 2 of the death of EverQuest Next.

The idea was that EQ:N would have a voxel-based world ( 295 more words


Why EQ2 is Still Worth Playing (even under Daybreak)

I swore up and down that I wouldn’t support Daybreak anymore after the EverQuest Next cancellation. Last week, I caved and re-subbed to play EverQuest 2… 886 more words


EverQuest Launches Empires of Kunark

After decades if slumber, Imperator Tsaph Katta awakens and vows to reform the Combine Empire – the progenitors of much of the human race – by any means necessary.

764 more words

Nerd Cred, or, The Coolest Job Ever: #NaBloPoMo Day 4

In March 1999, I was wrapping up my senior year of high school in Houston, Texas. I had just won a creative writing scholarship to University of Houston. 2,351 more words

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