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Progression Servers and Post-Cataclysm Norrath

We came up short as a group in Azeroth this past weekend.  Life will get in the way and the whole group has gotten older over the last eight years we have played.  1,192 more words


Nostalgia kick (MMORPGs)

Recently I’ve had certain titles bouncing around my head. Its funny because I haven’t been into any MMO for a long time. I thought I’d share a little history on a door that I’ve closed and don’t plan on going back to. 603 more words

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Progression Server Progress in EverQuest

Color me surprised.  I mentioned EverQuest and progression servers at the top of the week, then left that behind, expecting to hear no more about it for many months, thinking on the… 1,325 more words


A Vision of Norrath at Daybreak

…because the Everquest franchise is our lifeblood and we treat it with the respect it deserves.

EQN has the largest development team at SOE. It is going to be more than ok.

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EverQuest II

To hell with all of you: give me Hell Levels back. #MMORPG

In a recent Twitter conversation with Void of A Green Mushroom (a blog you should absolutely be reading), we were discussing the level grind in Final Fantasy XIV and how its a bit silly for MMOs to have non-flat experience curves. 915 more words


It's Day One of the Rest of My Life

This past week isn’t one I want to ever repeat. There was too much stress, worry, pain, sadness, and an emotional roller coaster that didn’t have a stop button. 666 more words