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Daybreak 30 Months In

30 months seems like a nice round number for a review.

I was thinking about Daybreak over the weekend.  It has been about two and a half years now since they… 805 more words

EverQuest II

There’s a New Game in Town – And it Looks a Lot Like an Old One

Yes, it’s been a while. What with rebuilding a laptop, lost more managers at work, busy summer at a tourist destination, I’ve had to contend with everything short of an astronomical event.  545 more words

Video Games

The Name Game

Thanks to Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge, I have content! If only I would have done this back when the challenge first came out, like weeks ago. 599 more words


Agnarr - Weekend 1 in the Books!

*eyes fly open and Hoshi sits up and looks around*

Who, wha? Where I am? What happened? WHY AM I USING A DEAD RAT AS A PILLOW?!? 431 more words


Agnarr Server Success and the Nostalrius Question

It looks like Daybreak did manage to get their new EverQuest nostalgia server, named Agnarr for a raid boss of old, up and running and open to the public around their 2pm Pacific time target. 1,257 more words


The Agnarr Server to Open Another Door to Norrath Nostalgia

Over on the EverQuest front a new progression server is slated to open up this evening.  The Agnarr server, named for the raid boss Agnarr the Stormlord will add a new facet to Daybreak’s nostalgia farming techniques. 677 more words


The Life of Progression Servers

I was looking at the front page of the EverQuest site to see if there was any news worth knowing and I was struck/amused that the two most recent items involve progression servers, with the vote to unlock the… 423 more words