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Friday 22.05.15

Really didn’t want to wake up this morning, had coffee and then cycled out to the RAF Memorial and checked on Skye, when home I found our chickens had laid some full size eggs, mmm egg on toast for breakfast and Lynne’s egg had a double yoke, had a fairly busy day in work and decided to have a take away for lunch which left me very sleepy this afternoon, came home had dinner which was all ready and prepared by Lynne, Cameron has gone camping for the weekend so it was just Heather and I this evening till Lynne finished work, we had a glass of cider while we chatted about our day and then got a early ish night

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Chickens Have Started To Lay Full Size Eggs

Woke up this morning to find the chickens have started to lay full size eggs, I had one of the small ones on toast this morning before work and washed and fed the chickens back the shells… 21 more words

Every Day Stuff

Nice Morning Cycle To Check On Skye

Nice morning to cycle to the RAF Memorial and met my old school mate Kev and we checked on our horses


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Every Day Stuff

Thursday 21.05.15

I was up and about early this morning sorted out the chickens and made our lunches, spent a bit of time remaking the perch in the chicken coop, I don’t think its high enough, had a busy day in work but the day went quickly and I was soon home and cooking dinner, finished off the chickens new and improved perch while the kids tidied up and did the dishes, woop woop we got another egg today, when Lynne finished work we chatted about our day and then got an early night

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Wednesday 20.05.15

I was up and about at 6am this morning and boy was it cold first thing more like winter than late spring, had coffee and cleaned out the chickens, made our lunches for work and school, had a busy day and actually did a bit of work on my stock check, went home via my mum and dads and the… 86 more words

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