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I must persevere

Have you ever had one of those work outs where if you did one more squat, or one more curl, or one more lap you would collapse in a heap of your own sweat and just die? 1,223 more words

Guest Post: 6 Effective Ways to Make Your Work Enjoyable Every Day

A lot of people believe that once you enjoy your work, you’ll perform much better. This will simply make you more driven with your everyday work. 10 more words



This morning my sister and I went to clean out her car that was totaled on 7/26/2017. The car was in my name. I signed for it at the beginning of June. 331 more words


Still not sure I know the point...

I have a hard time focusing. I feel like I want to do something like write or something, but then the act of committing to that action feels so burdensome. 579 more words



I’m at a point in time right now where life just seems really long and really hard and really lonely.

I have been feeling it for a couple weeks now and the typical things I use to comfort myself aren’t doing it so much for me anymore. 106 more words



Like most days. Today I am tired. I woke up feeling a bit under the weather. It seems something is going around work. I am trying not to catch it but my focus is more than lacking. 51 more words



There’s just no denying it—who loves mornings? Well maybe, a few, but most of the people that I’ve observed do not like the idea of mornings… but for me, it really depends. 369 more words