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A Good Night's Sleep

Which I didn’t actually get last night, but it was still the best sleep I had in over a month.

I’m still tired and exhausted and writing has been spotty because of that. 27 more words

The Shadowed Universe

Personal Day

I’m taking a day today for myself.  This is perhaps the healthiest thing I can do for my self care and my sanity.

This week has been full of time restrictions and urgency and rushing and chaos.  407 more words

Every Day

Keeping Up

The last two weeks have been pretty low-kay and relatively uneventful.  Actually, I’ve been spending time “living in the moment,” so to speak.  Both kids are in school, and I haven’t had much time to properly enjoy it between appointments, birthdays and other errands.  409 more words

Every Day

Every Day - From the Book to the Movie

Movie or book, just give it a shot. It is good.

I had the chance to watch the movie only a few days ago but I read the book about three years ago and I loved them both. 1,048 more words

Nerd Topics

DON'T test the waters ...

Have you ever washed dishes and KNEW that when you turned the water off that it was scalding hot … ONLY to return to your kitchen sink a few seconds later, turn the faucet back on, and naturally stick your hand in the running water to check the temperature?!?! 23 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Every Day

Today I woke up
hating myself
more than I did yesterday.

Today I wept;
wished I could change,
become a different person.

Today I vowed… 37 more words


Listening and Learning

Dear Lovely Reader,

How are you today?  I hope you are well.  I’m so excited because of starting college and very proud of myself for not freaking out.  334 more words