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Episode #230: Every Other Day

Jenn and Kendyl discuss the film adaptation Every Day (2018), and whether focusing on Rhiannon was the right choice, or took away from the interesting parts of the premise. 94 more words


Every day – August 11, 2018

Each one of you must walk with Me out of Love and be totally committed every day and not just some days or when you feel like it. 162 more words

Gale force - 11/8/18 (A Month of Poems)

I was woken by the wind today,

It was rattling the wall away,

Everything is bending half,

Giant trees and that giraffe.

It could blow me off the earth, 31 more words


Taste Changes

Ever want to see how you were encapsulated in a moment of time? Write a blog.

Ok, I got my password back 2 months ago and I’m really glad I am back because I miss this kind of thing. 616 more words


Amit - 4/8/18 (Attempt 2: One Poem Every Day)

The man said he was named


“What does it mean?” the question was Dropped heavy

“Like the sky”                       he paused                     searching for words with his hands… 79 more words


The Magic of the Word "Get"

In English, get is a magical word. It is so magical, in fact, that many English speakers probably do not realize how much they use it. 446 more words


Easily Confused Words: Everyday vs. Every Day

Everyday and every day are easily confused terms. One is a word, the other is a phrase.

The spell-check application of most word processing software programs would not catch a slip-up of these two words. 349 more words

Easily Confused Words