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Yellowstone Collection


Hello all.

This is Yellowstone, or at the very least my interpretation of It. Located just outside of of Vernal, this stretch of land connects northeast Utah with Wyoming. 125 more words


Time-lapse | Yellowstone 


Hello all.

This was a quick time-lapse I took while I was out in Yellowstone, hunting deer. I have been wanting for quite some time to try and take a ‘Time-lapse/Pocketdump/EDC’ style video for quite sometime, but haven’t necessarily had the resources. 47 more words

Everyday Carry

The Less Sexy Side of EDCs

Most dudes love to talk about their carry gun, knives, or tacti-cool flashlight, but ask them for a pen.  Do you know what time it is without pulling your phone?   546 more words

Everyday Carry Systems

This is a basic overview.  It’s for a understanding of concept, so decide where and what you need in your systems.

Most of us have a habit of just grabbing keys and wallet only to get down the road a realize you don’t have a pen.   1,052 more words

The Duality of Carry - The things we take along both burden and enable us

Searching my thoughts, I often find that carrying things is top on my list of things I worry about. That might sound weird at first, but when you consider that every situation can be made better or worse by the tools you’ve brought along, it begins to gel. 568 more words




Hello all.

Andrew and I decided to take a trip up to the Uintas this morning. Hiked the falls, rode to the summit, all without dying. Got pretty close though.