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Everyday carry or EDC (not electric something rave stuff) pertains to stuff that a person brings with them everyday. It could be everyday needs such as a wallet and keys, more specific items such as headphones or a pocket tool. 323 more words


Review: Vector Thunderbird 1T Torch Lighter for Zippos

Clink-snap. It’s a sound everybody knows – the distinctive ring of a Zippo lighter being open and shut. In a world of cheap, Bic-style disposables, there’s something alluring about the solid, metallic feeling of these tiny, timeless marvels. 847 more words


Review: Fisher Bullet Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen is something of an icon. With its ability to write at any angle under extreme conditions, it’s become one of the most popular items among those who care about the things they carry. 1,005 more words


1up pro EDC Tool via @everydaycarry

submitted by Mikey Bautista

When we first wrote about the original 1up tool, we liked it for its minimalist and focused feature set that made it a functional addition to your keychain.

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8 Custom-Designed Knives You Can Actually Afford via @everydaycarry

submitted by Ed Jelley

The “holy grail”—it’s the elusive, be-all and end-all item at the top of your wishlist that’s just outside the realm of obtainable.

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SureFire FirePak via @everydaycarry

submitted by Everyday Carry

The best camera is the one you have on you, and that usually means your smartphone. The thing is, even with the newest phones, proper lighting will always be an issue.

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Firebiner via @everydaycarry

submitted by Everyday Carry

You can’t climb with it, but the Firebiner still does more than your average bottle opener-equipped carabiner. This carabiner can open bottles too, but more importantly on the bottom lies an integrated EverSpark firewheel with replaceable ferro rod that shoots sparks to help start fires a lot quicker than rubbing sticks.

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