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TacShield Magazine Pouches Review via @everydaycarry

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Tyler Kee writes: “The Pistol Magazine Pouch is styled after the Universal Rifle Pouch mentioned earlier. Like those, it features a Velco closure system that is adjustable in length to accommodate different length single and double stack magazines.

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Magpul DAKA Pouch via @everydaycarry

submitted by Bernard Capulong

Just because you get your hands dirty when you put your EDC to work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your gear nice and tidy.

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Signal | Our Next Project

Hello all,

As we have progressed in producing our yoyos, we have attempted to take a step further into a more aesthetically focused mindset behind our designs. 90 more words


Fenix RC11 via @everydaycarry

submitted by Jonathan Tayag

Over the past year, USB rechargeable lights have become quite popular in the EDC space. It’s easy to see why—they let you focus on using the light without the headache of tracking down the right batteries for it.

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Spooly Cables via @everydaycarry

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“Unless they’re but a couple of inches long, cables tangle. But not Spooly. These flat cables are cleverly designed to spool around their USB plug and secure themselves while doing it thanks to a magnet on the former and powdered barium ferrite included in sections along the cable, magnetizing as they overlap.

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Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen via @everydaycarry

submitted by Mikey Bautista

A well-made tactical pen is one of the most durable items you can carry. Take this Hoffman Richter Stinger, for example. Even when not used for self-defense, its aircraft-grade, titanium-coated aluminum exterior ensures a lifetime of resistance against every sort of environmental damage it comes across.

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Rifle Training with DA1 in Homestead, FL

Sunday May 22nd 2016: DA1 Training in partnership with Punisher Life held a full day Rifle Training at Homestead Training Center in Homestead, FL. Here are some pictures from the class.

More about DA1 Training.