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Ok so I said 1 post a week, well this morning when my wife turned to me and said ‘see, this is why you do crossfit’ 526 more words


The things you're not doing to be well

We like to say that we are “multi-taskers” and are able to do so many things without another thought. Because, productivity is important and stuff. Everyone knows this and it must not be questioned. 659 more words


Avoid Waking Up with Back Pain

Avoid waking up with back pain. By making simple changes in your sleeping position, you can take strain off your back, avoid aggravating a backache, or both. 224 more words

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Apple Cider Tonic

I started a new nutritional plan, which I am sure I will post about sooner than later, but along with the new plan I have decided to start drinking a tonic everyday. 121 more words

Consumer Affairs Tire Guide

Safety on the road extends far beyond what is happening on the inside of the vehicle, but also out to the tires. Frequently checking the condition of your tires can help prevent blowouts, skids, or accidents. 51 more words

ProActive Safety Services

Longer Construction Workdays Come with Advantages and Disadvantages

Given the demands of a construction day, the hours are not the typical 9-5 fare found elsewhere. Different projects require workers to be on-site for varying amounts of time. 36 more words

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Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking

By: Sarah Simon

With all the nice weather that we are all experiencing, take this as an opportunity to get outside and go for a walk.  751 more words

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