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How To Fix Your Posture RIGHT NOW!

Do your friends and loved ones comment on your bad posture?  We use Posture Bands to fix it.  They are easy to use, fast-acting, and THEY WORK!  40 more words

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Aging with MS

This is a republished article from Momentum Magazine.

As people who live with MS age, they may find its effects changing, particularly if they’ve been living with the disease for decades. 36 more words

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The Hazards of Sitting in Life - 8/15/2015

I spent many years thinking I was doing what I was supposed to be doing and never realizing what I was doing was injuring my body.   511 more words


The Heart Attack and Depression Link

Via @EverydayHealth by @jjunebrown

”Almost nowhere is the mind-body connection more apparent than in the link between depression and heart attack.

Mental health and heart health are intimately connected when it comes to your heart. 68 more words


Mental Health in the Media - Depression in Men.

These two articles portray the stigma around not only mental illness but also the pressure on males to “man up.”

“I think it’s less socially acceptable for men to be depressed or anxious,” says my friend Thomas, a college professor who has experienced depression and anxiety. 87 more words

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Join Us For Our Healthy Potluck!

Hello everyone! We are hosting a Healthy Potluck at our office this Friday, June 12th from 4-7pm. Bring your family, friends, and a healthy dish to share with the group! 285 more words


Get Down With The Get Up!

At Body Energetics of Charleston, we’re down with the Turkish Get Up!  The benefits of this exercise go far beyond getting the heart rate up, here’s a short list: 83 more words

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