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Granting Wishes, Reaping Smiles

At twenty seven years old, Danimei Everett manages to be the Program Officer of Make-A-Wish Philippines, an organization that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses. 531 more words


GratiTuesday: Those who rush towards

I don’t know if we’ve had more disasters – both natural and made-made – this year or not, but it certainly feels like it. Wildfires have eaten up acres of beauty and hundreds of homes and businesses, hurricanes and storm surges have created destructive winds and deadly floods, and the sudden shifting of the Earth’s tectonic plates have toppled buildings and collapsed bridges. 280 more words


The Lady with the Chalk (aka: Heroes All Around Us)

Yesterday, my teens and I watched Unbreakable, a 2000 film by M. Night Shyamalan. It was such a good movie. Super, you might even say. Afterward, I couldn’t help but ask my kids, “How would you feel if you learned that one of your parents was actually a superhero?” 642 more words


Four signs educators can look for in youth.

Its fall. Sometimes its hard to tell when you live in Southern California – yes, I’ve become a weather wimp. I recently visited the mid-west and the temperature started to drop, it was like I was freezing to death.   686 more words


Would You ... Could You?

Something my friend Eric posted on Facebook today made me stop and think.  His comment was …

“I can actually see a future where some of us will be sheltering Dreamers, the way some Germans sheltered Jews during WWII.” 677 more words

Political Commentary

People Helping People

Since making landfall, weather gurus estimate that Hurricane Harvey has dumped over 15 trillion gallons of water in the Gulf Coast and South Texas region. The pictures we see on social media and the local nightly news depict astonishing devastation alongside incredible heroics of ordinary people. 391 more words


Busy week ahead

Hurricane Harvey is trying to wash Houston out to sea. It’s horrifically bad down there, and it’s only going to get worse.

My boss called me today asking if I could work in his place for a few days because he was going out of town. 230 more words