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The guidelines

My daughter and her husband celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary last week. She gave him a ball cap. He gave her monogrammed napkins.

Cotton is the theme for second anniversary gifts. 590 more words

Everyday Life

Swan song

This is my laptop’s swan song—its final project before I put it out to pasture, before it rides off into the sunset, before I erase its memory and fold the top over its keyboard once and forever. 602 more words

Everyday Life

Quoi de neuf?

Yesterday was the first day of my French course. And I felt like the village idiot whose tongue got tied every time someone asked me a question. 833 more words

Everyday Life

21 Things I Have Learned in 21 Years of My Life

After two decades of being on this planet, I am turning 21 this 14th of November (Yay! Happy birthday to me!) As the last year had been… well, quite eventful for me. 633 more words



Grey mornings

Damp windows

A cold house full of sleeping people.

Your face is tired, full of lines and folds

It’s not a face made for growing old. 265 more words

Everyday Life

little sentences in Japanese #16

Look at the picture. What was the last drama of my life to your opinion?
Everything explained in Japanese :) 36 more words

Little Sentences