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Luke is an only child, there is no one “fun” to play with here at home. And while we love our neighborhood, it is pretty transient, so anytime someone to play with moves in, Luke may eventually meet him, but they don’t stick around long. 93 more words

Everyday Life.

When Faith Falters ~ 2

This is part two and the conclusion of a story that started on Friday.  You can find part one here. ~ F

Faced with a friend whose strong faith is perilously close to slipping over the edge of the abyss … I close my eyes and pray … God, help.  889 more words

Christian Walk

Whatcha doin'?

Sometimes, when writing this blog, you’d ask me what I’m doing. I’d pause for a few seconds, and tell you I’m working on my data analysis or replying emails to parents. 90 more words


04:53 am 

This is the time my eyes pop open these days by a conspiracy of the sun and my bladder.

Birds are chirping like crazy. I peek out of the window before I get back to bed to snooze until six.

Beautiful times…

Everyday Life

Holiday Time.....just wishful thinking

Beesands, Sunny Dale, Start Bay, Devon

Yesterday and today Monday are part of our May Bank Holiday weekend.   The trouble is no one has taken the trouble to tell the weather that holidays require a modicum of warmth and lots of sunshine…what  do we get rain, wind and temperatures ranging between 5 and 9c… 32 more words

Everyday Life

34 Days Later

And like that, 34 days of blogging pass. I can’t believe I have made it so long! Overall, it has been a really fun and rewarding experience. 152 more words


Workers and Students Unite on May Day in JNU: Aswathi Nair & Umar Khalid

Guest Post by Aswathi Nair and Umar Khalid (With Photographs and Videos by K. Fayaz Ahmed, Azhar Amim, Samim Asgor Ali, Reyazul Haque and Agnitra Ghosh) 1,777 more words