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The illness isn´t an excuse

Hey hey hey my beloved readers! So, it happened. Mom is ill. She looks so cute. With a red nose and everything. Like a Rudolph! Yes, I know who Rudolph is, I already existed when Christmastime was! 292 more words

Everyday Life

Brexit. The Bastard child of the Credit crunch.

Where are we? How did we get here? What the fucking hell has happened to tear the UK out of the European Union and put Trump in the white house? 2,132 more words

Everyday Life


Happy Little Vegemite

I was home with this sick kiddo all day today, not that he looks it here!  Covered in Vegemite and water..



A collage poem from January, 2017.


It didn’t matter
the hands and feet
I could not resist the
queen of magic gone wrong.


A Candid Affair

While the 21st century boasts of everything readily available in the consumer market, where every single product whether handmade or machine made, that is showcased on the shelves of opulent shopping malls attracts the prospective buyers. 948 more words

Everyday Life

Wait, What Did You Just Say??

Right now it is 4:16 AM on a Thursday and my boyfriend left for work an hour ago. Once he left, I took a shower, wore a face mask, wrote a homework discussion post, and now here I am: still wearing the face mask. 217 more words


Ladybirds 🐞 luck

It’s raining, there’s a weather alert and trains will be delayed due to speed reductions caused by strong winds.
I have to stop before going to work to drop off few things to an ex-colleague so I’m leaving on the earlier train,or so I thought. 246 more words