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But whatever happened to annoyances.org?

They’ve killed annoyances.org and before you say “Who?” or  “And?” read on to understand why the demise of a long standing source of support is so symbolic of the era and don’t be fooled by the “…will return shortly” bit, it’s been that way for some time now. 899 more words

Everyday Life

What's In A Like

To LIKE something and not SHARE it with the world especially if the content is good and just…is simply selfish. That’s what’s wrong with the WORLD today. 13 more words

From ME 2 YOU.......

Spring or Autumn....make up your mind!

Lea Woods, Derbyshire

Another beautiful day…but is it Spring or Autumn ?   The colour in the woods this morning would fool anyone.

13th October

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a series of squares

I knew a guy who worked here – in the center, third window over from the right.


"I think of myself... as a troubadour, a village storyteller, the guy in the shadows of the campfire." ~ Louis L'Amour

I absolutely love S’mores! I believe I actually like them more than I did as a kid. The only problem is that I don’t spend much time around a campfire. 130 more words

Everyday Life

Top 10 F&B Customer Antics that Piss me the Fuck off

Welcome to what may quickly turn into an obscenely long rant on human beings in general.

Since no one knows and I never really got to updating anyone on what I’m doing, … 2,560 more words

Everyday Life.