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Time Passes

I was walking in the Pennypack Ecological preserve today, a place I haven’t been for some time. Now, let me explain – I walk on the Pennypack Rail Trail, paralleling the Pennypack Creek, almost every day. 209 more words


Around here...

I am done building and renovating for the time being but my brother and his wife is busy building next to my little cabin in the woods… 89 more words



Shame, it is a formidable opponent. It is a persistent shadow. Shame can color the brightest day bleak. It is a tenacious critic.

Shame finds a vulnerable mind and takes low blows. 292 more words

Everyday Life

Brush Know-How Guide 

I know I’m not the only one when I say that there is way too many brushes to truly know which one to use for what. 509 more words

Everyday Life

On Social Media, We Can Do More Than Complain

We have a negativity problem on social media.

We rant about certain Presidential candidates, or we rant with equal fervor about those who don’t support said candidates. 247 more words


Tanka 17

The efficient train
running two minutes early
whirls dust off the tracks
takes pride in whisking riders
into town on diesel wings



Words You Must Know!

Hey there fellow students! If you are a logophile (lover of words), then here are some words you ought to know. Feel free to comment your favorite word below. 548 more words

Everyday Life