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The many benefits of ACV (Apple cider Vinegar). 

Did you know organic Apple cider vinegar has so many health benefits? I didn’t either until I came across an article looking for natural remedies to some of the health issues I was facing. 342 more words

Everyday Life

Albert Camus - Lucidity and Decision

“Do your own thing” became a motto for the 1960s – a motto rooted in existentialism.

Sometime around the end of high school or early college I began to give serious attention to a few books outside of school curricula. 1,607 more words

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Another 10 Days in Silence

Last week I booked a silent meditation retreat in January next year. The retreat is 10 days long and in complete silence. In comparison to the one I was in South Africa earlier this year, this one is much stricter and harder. 291 more words


A Shifted Lens

The list of reasons this Monday should have been particularly awful is long. No sleep due to sick and teething baby, no coffee due to being late, no plans for the day of teaching due to a busy weekend/sick baby, etc… I’m grateful to say, however, that it has not been an awful Monday at all. 638 more words

Tears in a Bottle

Something funny happened the other day. My three-year-old son approached me wanting to play and I told him that I was just about to talk to God. 483 more words

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Online Finds: Colorful Calendar for 2017

Time to find a monthly calendar for next year.

This one is by Sarah Titus, with lots of space for notes. Thanks for sharing, Sarah! 16 more words

Everyday Life

Corn Bellys -

Has anyone been to Corn Belly’s this season? I have been going there since it opened. It’s a great time taker. If there is nothing to do we’ll head off to Corn Belly’s, my family LOVES it. 345 more words

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