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Happiness Is everything: Saving Money, Buying Time

By: Katrina

Keeping Life Simple Makes Life Easier

Keeping in theme with Mr. CBB’s post this week Money isn’t everything, happiness is relationships and love I decided to share a bit about my day-to-day life. 1,215 more words


I Can Buy It, But Can I Afford It

Author: Katrina

I can buy it, but can I afford it. Sounds pretty simple right?  It is!

This last year has been a very educational year for me in terms of finances and managing my money. 1,561 more words


Shopping Tips We Use To Save Money

Shop and Save The Smart Way

Advertisers are brilliantly skilled when it comes to making us believe we are getting more for our money but we have the final say in what we buy. 1,351 more words


The Celebrate Like Scrooge Christmas Gift Exchange

Now I know that old Ebenezer Scrooge has a reputation, and it isn’t as a suave investor or brilliant saver. I imagine him walking about in a house coat with a grimace and a hook for a nose. 890 more words


How To Get The Best Car Leasing Deal

Leasing a car rather than purchasing one can prove to be much more cost-effective and is an option being chosen by a growing number of people. 634 more words


Why Taking Care Of Your Eyes Is A Good Investment

Our eyes are the windows to our soul they say, so why do so many leave them to chance when preventative measures can be taken to protect them. 1,177 more words


5 Exercise Methods That Cost Absolutely Nothing!

Guest Post

Not everyone thinks of the simple exercise methods they can easily do at home costing them nothing at all. As the summer approaches, everyone steps up the effort to start looking a little bit better. 780 more words