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A New Skirt ...from a pillowcase?

We’ve had this cool rainbow body pillow pillowcase floating around the house for probably a few years. I’m actually `not sure why we bought it or where exactly it came from – because we don’t have any body pillows! 250 more words

Everyday Nonsense


Because I just simply don’t have enough hobbies – I decided to pull out my beading supplies, head to the supply store,  and get started with that once again! 86 more words

Everyday Nonsense

Weekend goings on

We had a wonderfully busy, yet relaxing weekend! The weather here in MO reached the mid 60’s both days and we took advantage of it with windows open and a walk in the woods – 129 more words

Everyday Nonsense

A New Skirt

A couple of weeks ago I made Jaia a new skirt –

She’d wanted a circle skirt – But I didn’t have enough fabric in my stash to pull one off, and I always seem to miss judge the waistband on them anyway! 147 more words

Cookies, cookies

Yesterday I had “the littles” over for cookie baking. Formerly “the babies”, my niece and nephew are 7 years younger than my youngest  – Jaia.  My niece and nephew, themselves,  are only 6 months apart. 297 more words

Ornament decorating

Late November, Rowan came to me with this long list of christmas ornaments and decorations she’d like to make. I will admit that I took one look at that list and silently cursed in my mind. 222 more words

oh christmas tree!

We finally got out to get our tree this past Sunday! It was wet, rainy and a tad dreary. But still warm –  I kid you not – 60 + degrees in Missouri in December! 221 more words