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Jaia was invited to go roller skating Friday evening – ROLLER SKATING! Oh my – do you remember rollerskating?? – Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer on the speakers and going around and around. 148 more words

go go go

This has been one crazy week – but you know what – I’ve been good all week! Not (very) stressed.

Being able to make yoga class twice this week really has helped.   320 more words

Women's Weekend and reentry

So Women’s weekend was fabulous once again. My experience this time was completely different than April. When I attended in April, I was coming from a much darker place  – A place of personal growth and a year into rebuilding our marriage. 230 more words

Women's Weekend

This weekend is women’s weekend. It’s my second time going and this time around I *think* I know what to expect – Connection, confronting personal issues, connection, reclaiming oneself,  exercise, being outdoors,  and good food. 217 more words

Short sewing

Monday I had a few hours free so I finished the Purl Soho shorts pattern I had printed the week before.

I used some old corduroy that I had sitting on my shelf just because this was to be my trial pair and I didn’t want to cut into anything I really liked – I was also trying binding for probably the second time ever – 173 more words

Everyday Nonsense

What do you mean?

So here’s a quick update,

  1. Luc and I bought an aquarium and some fish.
  2. I’m starting school again really soon.
  3. I really enjoy cross stitching.
  4. 157 more words
Everyday Nonsense.

The Dangers of working in a Fabric Shoppe

My second week of work went by quickly and smoothly! I’m very much enjoying my job at the fabric store! Every week I get to sniff, pet, touch, and just look at all those wonderful fabrics that are out there! 301 more words

Everyday Nonsense