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taking time

I was sitting in the lobby of Jaia’s dance class  last evening – and I came to the realization that that 1 1/2 to 2 hours several days a week, MAY BE the only amount of uninterrupted time that I have to sit, organize my thoughts and blog.   439 more words

Everyday Nonsense

Cleaning, sewing, organizing.....

I’ve been busy in my sewing area these last few days, sewing, cleaning, rearranging for larger whole house rearranging. Shelves will be moved and kitchen will be painted in the upcoming months/weeks. 214 more words

Cleanse update

Well my husband and  I finished our cleanse! I am and was so proud of the both of us for making that commitment and sticking to the 21 days cleanse! 272 more words

a quick trip

On a day full of thunderstorm warnings and grey, overcast skies, Jaia and I headed out of the house to Cherokee Street. A fun place here in St. 199 more words

whew - that weekend is OVER

This past weekend flew by in a blur. Jaia had a double feis here locally, so both Saturday and Sunday were spent in a hotel amongst wigged and bling-ed out girls. 280 more words


Oh dear  – this past week was rough. We all fell prey to yet another virus which hit Jaia super hard. She had a mid grade fever for 6 days!   309 more words

busy day

Today is one of “those” days –

One of the days I experience on a semi weekly basis – one of those days I will leave my house at 8:30 am and not return home until 8:00 tonight. 331 more words