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February 9

This past week (and last week too) has been a busy flurry of activity. We had SOMETHING going on each and every day – homeschool classes that are arranged that people like to get off their plate early in the semester, work of course, and our normal school and dance classes –  ALL the while trying to stay caught up with my sewing at home gig of piecing together t-shirt quilts. 302 more words

Everyday Nonsense

Back To B!

Okay, all right. I get it. There comes a time in one’s life when there’s not much excitement going on. It’s a time when you get to evaluate where you are, where you’re headed and where you want to see yourself in a couple of years. 612 more words


January 29th

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing lately – mainly sewing for others  – putting together t-shirt quilts, but ALSO – I’ve been making time to sew for myself and Jaia – 213 more words

Everyday Nonsense

Monday, January 8th

I’m obsessed with making tea cozies.

There I said it.

They are cute.  And Easy to whip up.

And did I mention cute?

I created my own pattern and made a few for Rowan for christmas. 209 more words

January 2nd

Happy, Happy, 2nd day of January! I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing New Year’s Eve and day.

I, for one , didn’t even leave my house on the 1st. 207 more words

Everyday Nonsense

December 14

Last weekend Jaia filmed the play “a christmas carol” here at the school for the arts where she is currently taking the filming/editing/movie making(?) class – and where I’m currently sitting, waiting, while she’s in class, and watching the rehearsal of “a christmas carol” for this weekends performance. 266 more words

Everyday Nonsense

December 7th -

Well, It’s Thursday again – film class night for Jaia, work for Rowan, and a bit of time coordination and killing for me. I’ve begun to enjoy the 2 hours I sit and wait for jaia  – I’m using it as blog reading, research, and personal blogging time. 472 more words

Everyday Nonsense