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Finding Peace

I have decided that I really love the ocean. The ocean and I are going to be good friends, I think. I look forward to spending a lot more time with the ocean. 256 more words

Everyday Nonsense

A little bit of bright in the grey… Beauty on the inside!

Everyday Nonsense

Jaia makes a motivation/goal board

Earlier this week, Jaia made a goal board or motivation board if you will. She’s been both watching a lot of you tube videos of other kids doing crafts and also trying to find a way to motivate herself to improve in her Irish Dancing. 220 more words

Everyday Nonsense


You know, that word is an accurate description of how I’ve been approaching life here in my new home. ‘Between missions’. I feel like I’ve been on the go constantly… and after almost two years of being off the go and hiding in my house buried in a mountain of emotional baggage, it’s a different, but mostly good, feeling. 229 more words

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My 10 Stages of Getting a Haircut

So I recently went for a haircut (took off a good 7 inches) and I’ve realized that I go through the same ritual every single time. 564 more words

Everyday Nonsense.

Moving... In, Over, and On...

Well, it’s been a hectic, hectic 20 days…

In the span of a week, I packed up and moved a huge chunk of my life 9 hours south of the town I’ve lived in since I was 3, to a town about 40 minutes away from the town of my birth… It was fast, and I left a pile of things behind, but I finally feel a little settled… 209 more words

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I'm Going to Japan!

After weeks of torment, the University of Tokyo finally announced their admission decision on April 15th. From the title, you can predict that I got the offer, and yes I do! 357 more words

Everyday Nonsense