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After much discussion,  questioning, pleading and cajoling about the ideas *I* had for halloween costumes, Jaia finally settled on being the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – I had offered up a couple (ahem –  323 more words

Everyday Nonsense

Solitude and bits of life

It’s quite in my house this morning, with only dogs to keep me company (for now). One child is still snuggled in bed with her pup, another away at a sleepover and hubby is away on business. 367 more words


This weekend was a combination of rest and business , a much needed, more relaxed weekend than we’ve been having. – There was no dance! (“everyone” else was competing), there was barn work, work work, and riding lessons! 240 more words

Everyday Nonsense

Fun things

Well Jaia’s new solo dress is in the mail and should be here TODAY! Needless to say we are super excited to see it and jaia can’t wait to try it on.   193 more words

OH spending money!

As promised – pictures of what I bought at Best of Missouri! I have to say I’m pretty picky about what I buy at craft shows – Anything *I* can sew I pass up ( not that I will sew it but then that probably means I don’t really need it)  – but soap? 140 more words

Best of Missouri

For years I talked myself out of doing anything “fun”. Out of evening concerts and balloon glows, craft fairs and gatherings. Part of if was when my hubby poo-pooed it, I didn’t go. 294 more words

Everyday Nonsense


We’ve settled into somewhat of a routine now – school, work, work, riding, school, homeschool classes, homeschool classes.  I feel like I’m driving and driving all over the place some days.   246 more words