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BC, AD, and BCE, CE

I am just three days short of finishing the reading of the Old Testament.  Since I usually read it in chronological order as much as possible, I usually end with Nehemiah. 305 more words

Everyday Thinking

A Reading Doodle

It has been two weeks since I have published anything here.  Why?  I’m not sure.  In fact, I have a rough draft waiting but no desire to get back to it.  497 more words

Everyday Thinking

The Judge

For the last week the news spotlight has been on the probable nominee for the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Near riots have been broken out in protesting crowds over a proposed assignment to this position.  311 more words

Everyday Thinking

mild horror on Saturday morning

It started innocently enough.

My mom had given me ten perennial plants during my 4th of July visit to Maine.

My gardens were already a bit crowded with plants, so I decided to dig up a corner of my yard that has fertile ground but was covered in weeds. 529 more words

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My Cookbook (just doodling)

I have this ancient little cookbook that was assembled by the Pastor’s Wives of the Minnesota Baptist Convention more than fifty years ago.  It is stained and has yellowed pages.  256 more words

Everyday Thinking

Ode to the Guy Chopping the Tree

I googled it, and apparently the job is called Tree Climber

I step outside with the dog and
find myself
staring and analyzing your every move. 273 more words

Everyday Thinking

Random thoughts on baseball and church

I posted this on Facebook, then thought, why not share it on my blog site too.  This is the unvarnished Karyl! No grammar check, no cold edit—just me. 278 more words

Everyday Thinking