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Preparing for Valentines

This is probably the first year I’ve had a legit plan for Valentines that has been in the works since December. My boyfriend and I will be going away for the weekend and I am so excited. 246 more words


7 Simple Tasks We Are All Guilty Of Avoiding

Procrastination. Something none of us are strangers to… I mean, if there was an exam in it we probably all aced it at school or uni right? 533 more words


Haiku-A-Day #757

Curled up inside tent
Snapping twigs keep you awake
Smell of rotting meat


Wall of Love...

The truth is I will never ever forget him!

Yes, HIM.

And NO, I’m not gay. I’m bi.

What a day! So many confessions. And I dared and wrote this on… 17 more words


Week 5 {seasons} and {rule of thirds}

hey y’all

I feel like I’ve been missing in action, well maybe not missing just missed a week.  anyhooo…. seasons we had a wonderful week of weather here in my part of the world it is winter here but it didn’t quite feel wintery. 112 more words

Dallas Blogger

Here and there

I waited for Meeya at MBFC for a while. He got me and we headed for crystal jade. Vanessa arrived shortly. Food was super yummy. Thank you Jeremiah Tay. 133 more words


The perfect day.
Don´t exist now does it. But if it did. This would be the perfect friday if i got to design it.

60 more words