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Penniless anthropologist? Or I am my own boss? The ethics and politics of front-line ethnography

“However sensitive we are to our informants, we have to recognise that fieldwork is at some level always a violation. We are rather like uninvited guests who hopefully, once welcomed, behave with consideration and perhaps even offer our hosts something they value.

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She Taught Me The True Definition of Love

She taught me to love myself,To embrace every flaw and appreciate every imperfection.

The things I hated were the things she found adorable.

The things I cursed, she saw as intricate details to separate me from the rest of the world. 640 more words


A Collection of Everyday Haiku

When I don’t know what else to write, I write haiku. Here is a collection of everyday haiku:

Life was much better
When it existed in dreams. 80 more words


I Tell Myself She's Dormant

I tell myself she’s dormant
Inactive and silent

That she hasn’t moved in months

I’ve almost forgotten
What she feels like
What she sounds like… 145 more words


Haiku-A-Day #559

City of the deaf
Always has the best concerts
No noise ordinance