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‘I dream of a quiet man

who explains nothing and defends

nothing, but only knows
where the rarest wildflowers
are blooming, and who goes,
and finds that he is smiling…

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I held on with all I got. I really did and boy, I tried so much. It was another time when uncertainty suggested that I let go, that I should care a lot less about my struggling will. 290 more words

Not much to say

25 February, Saturday
11:13 pm

Right. So, hello.

I suppose you’re doing fine. And I’m alright, I think.

I don’t have a lot to say. Oh! 377 more words

Diary Entry

TMI Alert

Fair warning, right now, everything in this post is going to be very TMI. I will be talking about periods so, if you happen to actually know me… and you don’t want to know too much… don’t read this. 876 more words


人就是需要經驗 (鬼唔知咩)anyway錯定岩都係你自己的、你自己既收穫。呢排完全感受到15年尾朋友遠渡英倫同我講既其中一句說話 ── Need not to thank me. You asked for it.



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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

My great nephew Liam who’s six months old actually smiles when I sing, so naturally, I sing. 72 more words