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Winter Fashion Show

Every year we have a winter concert/assembly before the school break. This year, the fashion department is showcasing a winter fashion show at the assembly. Last year the fashion department had a fashion show during the spring/summer (they always have it during that time) and I was one of the designers for an outfit. 169 more words


“Creed” Interview with Michael B. Jordan

It’s all about Rocky, this time not in the ring, but as the mentor. Michael B. Jordan stars with Sylvester Stallone in “Creed.” It opens tomorrow.  57 more words


Macy’s Season of Sharing and Black Friday Deals

Before you head out on Black Friday plan it right by shopping some blockbuster deals for the whole family at Macy’s! Chris Parente turned into an elf and had some fun shopping to his heart’s desire!  95 more words


Food bank

9:20-10:30 programming
10:30- 2 I went to food bank with mom
2:11-2:31 nap

Plan for the next period:
2:35-2:45 snack
2:45-3:05 prayer and bible
3:05-5 programming
5- 5:20 nap


Here is a list of the beautiful things I’ve learned from my first quarter of college. Note: DePaul University runs on a quarter system, so 10 week terms. 229 more words


Recent update: Adventurous Tuesday

Today, in my sport class, I hurt my thumb. It all started when one of my classmates, decided to throw a basketball with a great force as I was playing federball and my arms were up in the air. 144 more words

My Diary.. :)


(I never have any good ideas for blog post titles, which is why they are always so inscrutable and senseless.)

I am looking forward to being with the family this week, but I also feel a lot of anxiety and sadness about the pending visit. 214 more words