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Everyday makeup

I thought I’d share my makeup look/routine for those of you who are interested in the products I use everyday. I rarely make any drastic changes to my routine as once I like a product I stick with it, it’s easier that way as well as I’m not too bothered about makeup brands and getting the latest products. 334 more words




倘若有一天,我們所有的工作都被機械人所取代,我們究竟每天會怎樣過? 與其說懷念九十年代,六十年代更為令人念念不忘。


Blog #5!

What a productive day. Although slightly different than what I imagined. I imagined working out after work and passing out in bed at 2PM.

But here I am, it’s 4:44 PM and I am barely sleepy. 146 more words


The morning after the night before… #HBAwards #londonmornings


Word power

The power of words. Simple words.

Came across an old Kris Kristofferson CD last week and listened to a favorite I hadn’t heard in a long time. 1,245 more words


How to make Fresh Coconut Milk at Home

Coconuts are abundant in my hometown , so it is widely used in our cuisine. Making coconut milk at home for using in Stew and some of the traditional dessert is very common, instead of using tinned coconut milk or powder. 264 more words


New Chapter at ASU

Jaron got all registered for ASU classes on Friday. He’s been at CGCC since he got home from his mission and is transferring to ASU next semester. 104 more words