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Good morning!

Wouldn’t it feel great to have an early start to your day and do all the things that you’d like to accomplish for the day? Want to be a morning person but have no energy and motivation to get out of bed? 451 more words


Raw Food, або мій експеримент з сироїдства

Закінчуються мої два тижні сироїдства, так що ділюся досвідом!

Перш за все, щоб одразу відповісти на запитання “чому ти це робила?”, відповідаю: я хотіла поекспериментувати!


Plan Bee

Spring is here! The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming and the bees are… the bees are.. where are the bees? If you’ve been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of our buzzing little friends then I’m sure, like myself, you got really excited. 350 more words

My point on ads

Ads on FrancisUniverse

First of all let’s make it clear, this website is not made to earn money. So it doesn’t mater if you’re using an AdBlocker or not. 1,808 more words


Don't get too comfortable

We made a crucial mistake. One that we should have seriously known better than to do. We got too comfortable.

It’s easy to do when you find a rhythm that works for you. 534 more words