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Make it a success

6 months ago I started training seriously again and has continued with this through all 6 months. In the beginning it was every third day, then every second day and a few days ago I started to workout every day. 39 more words


Bad Daddy’s & National Burger Day

Saturday is National Burger Day, and we celebrated early with the help of our friends from Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar!

http://www.baddaddysburgerbar.com/ 23 more words


Kissing: Your Marriage’s Super Power

Couples who keep passionate kissing alive in their relationship usually have a better sex life, but kissing like that can easily fade in a marriage. Our sex and marriage therapist, Leslie Gustafson, says kissing is important in keeping intimacy going, and it needs to be more of a priority. 25 more words


Debby Boone Performing at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse

Debby Boone is in Colorado staring as the Witch on stage for “Into the Woods” at the Candlelight Theater in Loveland. You can catch her now through June 5th! 25 more words


“Alice through the Looking Glass” - Anne Hathaway Interview

“Alice through the Looking Glass” opens in theaters today! Alice goes back in time to see if she can re-write the past. We sat down with Anne Hathaway, who plays the White Queen, and asked if she’ll let her son see the film when he grows up. 25 more words


Chris Parente Live from Disneyland

Disney has a brand new “Frozen” stage show, and Parente was one of the first to see it! He joined us live from Disneyland with a closer look! 28 more words


Kathie’s Summer Job: Mowing at a Cemetery

Kathie has been returning to her summer job roots all week long. Today she went back to her very first job mowing at a cemetery! 26 more words