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I am confused and I don't have a title for this one

I want to be free. I want to be in a place where noone knows me, from where I can write about whatever the fuck I want without people judging me.  184 more words



People such like rotten eggs sometimes. They don’t know what they want and because you’re so close to them, you end up feeling all left out and confused. 105 more words


Jon 10

Khalid – here goes that name again after this site’s exposure to not some random people but it is what he is; my best friend and he means a lot to me and I don’t believe in restricting myself from things because other people have vested interests in themselves – said at noon that we ought to go and get something to eat after four and it is after four and it is also pouring, thunder and lightning, I’m cold and uncomfortable and famished and thirsty. 119 more words

Mere Words

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post


And now for an obligatory Thanksgiving post.

I’m going to skip over the monologue concerning the tragedy of Native American genocide, the ironic and disgusting denial of refugees, and the shameful behavior of our greedy society on Black Friday, the day after giving thanks for our plentiful provisions. 365 more words


Put a smile on it.

Long skirts are one of the perfect winter essentials if your not that into wearing pants everyday!

TINGELING also available in black, SINGLE singlet also available in all other basic colors,  8 more words


of friendsgivings

Life in DC moves just as swiftly as life in the mountains. There’s certainly a different timbre to the current and yet it’s no less powerful for the difference. 643 more words