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2017 Week #4 – Sickness

My health took a hit this week. It started with a irritated throat and developed into a blocked nose and bad cough. Realized that I have neglected hitting the gym since the beginning of the year. 70 more words


"Don't carry it all" by Julia on her couch

Monday January 24, 2017
5 minutes
Dear Sugar: Writers Resist

Isn’t it nice to drink something out of a circular rim? Tiny lips on tiny lips! 106 more words

My Toilet Leaks

My toilet leaks
All day, everyday
My toilet leaks

You know when you have a headache
And all you want
In the world full of so many sounds… 151 more words


Love the one you're with.

I haven’t listened to Luther Vandross this year and the pull to listen to him has been phenomenally strong. This evening, I finally found time to listen to him (I don’t listen to Luther if I have things to do, he deserves total attention), singing along as the music took me on that beautiful ride that only Luther’s music can. 486 more words


XXX: Return of Xander Cage

Like Chris’s jacket?  Time to play who wore it better…Chris?  Or Xander Cage? The new action flick starring Vin Diesel in theaters right now. The daredevil operative must race against time to recover a sinister weapon known as Pandora’s Box. 30 more words


Chinese New Year with Chef David and His Honey Sesame Chicken

The Chinese New Year is this Saturday…January 28th. It’s the year of the rooster…the year of “new opportunities.” so, in honor of that chef David is here with one of his all-time favorite Chinese dishes! 26 more words


Outsiders WGN America

Folks, you know Chris lived 10 years in Kentucky, he loves the bluegrass state…and there is a series on TV so good, he’s calling it… The hamlet of the hollers. 107 more words