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25 Questions About Me

Thank you Yuki for tagging moi. <3

Oh and before I start the questions, a little random update on my life. I was in my parents bedroom and I say some weird blue lights under her bed. 363 more words


Etais Café- 10th anniversary

Etai’s bakery cafe in my neighborhood Stapleton is having a big milestone this weekend

Their 10th anniversary of being in business. And, they want everyone to celebrate with them! 27 more words


Kidney for Kelsey

It`s something most of us take for granted, two working kidneys but there`s a young girl in Boulder who`s hoping someone is willing to give her one of theirs. 29 more words


Friday Funnies

Its Friday, which means it’s time to take a look back at our craziest moments of the week  In our Friday funnies. 16 more words


Inscrutable titles

“Do you ever feel lonely in your particular brand of Christianity?” I asked Guion last night, as we ate dinner on the back deck. The evening was mild, with scant humidity. 334 more words


Miscellaneous every day stuff

I have knee surgery coming up and I can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to it. I suppose there would be something wrong with me if I were. 769 more words


I don't want to be ready

I have a date tomorrow.

I am not going.

When the guy asked me out, well, he did not ask me out, it’s supposed to be a simple evening of beer and good music, but he and I both know it’s nothing less than a casual date. 303 more words