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This Heartwarming Commercial Perfectly Captures The Emotions Of A Couple Expecting

This commercial is five months old, but I just happened upon it recently and its message is so moving, so to speak, that it simply had to be shared. 212 more words


Day 10 of Gastroparesis Awareness Month — Everybody Poops (some more than others)

‪#‎GastroparesisAwarenessMonth‬ Day 10 falls on a Monday and usually Mondays are pretty crappy so I’m taking this time to talk about ‪#‎poop‬. Yup, I said it, Poop. 249 more words

Potty Training Tips and Techniques that Helped Us a Few Years Ago

For parents going through, or soon to be going through, the potty training process, I have compiled a list of some tips, tricks and techniques that you might find helpful. 1,176 more words