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Productive Procrastination: Just Go With It

Hello, hello!  It’s been a slow couple of weeks writing-wise.  I’ve been re-reading Garnets and Guardians in preparation for another round of edits (it really shouldn’t have taken me two weeks to get through it, but I was lazy and not so productively procrastinating).  559 more words


Serena Williams Finds Out The Hard Way That Dog Food Is Really Not Meant For Humans

There’s no point in burying the lede or being cute with this opening paragraph — Serena Williams thought her dog’s food looked delicious, ate it, and gave herself what is apparently a tremendously bad bout of diarrhea. 288 more words


This Heartwarming Commercial Perfectly Captures The Emotions Of A Couple Expecting

This commercial is five months old, but I just happened upon it recently and its message is so moving, so to speak, that it simply had to be shared. 212 more words