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Happy to plug a new Doug Hoekstra flashfiction titled “Gravitas” which just went live at the new issue of “Brilliant Flash Fiction.” I don’t know how brilliant it is, but hit the link scroll down, and find out. 11 more words


2B? It ain't to be!!

No and, once again, no.

That was the response from the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, as it denied Coupeville High School’s request to reclassify from 1A down to 2B. 1,011 more words

CHS Wolves

Simplicity Speaks (Heart- 1.1.21)

Welcome to round 3! We are building some energy–I can feel it! This round, we all join together, consciously. Using “we”, “us”, and “our” as pronouns, the Guiding Thoughts include everyone, automatically. 234 more words

Everything Changes

[Everything Changes] The Human and the Gifted

Hades had lost track of how long they had been in this metal contraption Ascondia referred to as a car, between the ache in his side and bruising of his ribs he was finding it hard to focus. 4,476 more words


[Everything Changes] Another Life

There was a commotion outside, followed by the loud sound of gun shots causing Hades to sit upright his eyes to the door, a moment later the wailing of a siren as he slid out of bed, still naked and making his way to the window, easing the blind apart to the street below. 3,196 more words


[Everything Changes] Broken Bones

Virra was leaning back on the bed, relaxing in her skirt and sharpening her blades, when Domi entered the room. He placed down his bow, moving to deeply kiss Virra sitting at her side then motioned Aerian close to pull her into his lap. 2,794 more words


Gaze into my crystal ball o' wonder!!

A new sports year begins.

Will it be filled with championships, celebrations and euphoria or much weeping and wailing (metaphorically, at least) on the prairie? 941 more words

CHS Wolves