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It'll be grand, when it's standing!!

It’s like a really big Ikea project.

The two-year wait for the new Coupeville High School football/soccer/track grandstands to arrive is over.

Now we just wait for all 10 million pieces to be put together. 117 more words

CHS Wolves

Take it around back, man!!

This time, they want you to sneak in the back way.

Well, “sneak” might not be the operative word, but definitely go around to the back and tell ’em… 220 more words

CHS Wolves

I Don't Know, But I've Been Told: Journey of Peace 2017-- Day 13

Guiding Thought

In your natural state of Freedom, your mind knows only serene tranquility and Oneness with All. Nothing need be done, for there is no more to do. 448 more words


Sorry, No Answers Today: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 07

Guiding Thought

The Peace of God is stronger than my self-constructed obstacles to it. I open my mind to holy communion with the Divine. Brought to union with God, obstacles crumble. 466 more words

Be Who You Are

Outside Myself: Journey of Peace 2017-- Day 04

Guiding Thought

I am fulfilled! I am filled to the utmost capacity! I embody All that Is. I am beyond complete! I accept and receive the beautiful gift of Life, and Know the perfection of the Love I Am. 406 more words


Comings and Goings

Dear friend,

I’ve been thinking about arrivals and departures. Comings and goings.

Why should our arrivals be different than our departures? We are just travelers, you know, from one place to the other, from one time to the next. 514 more words


Ebb and Flow: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 33

Guiding Thought

Everything is energy. Everything is energy connecting everything! A shift in energy in one place shifts energy other places. I lift my energy to the vibration of love and light, to God, to all that is Divine. 399 more words