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History In Our Tights

When you have a ballet company full of people who need to be able to to lay hands on the the right costumes at the right times, there are any number of ways to keep things sorted. 568 more words


Dear Jhack: Transfiguration

12th March, 2017. 09:27am

Dear Jhack,

Things are kind of chaotic right now but don’t worry, things will get better soon. Don’t lose hope just yet. 406 more words

Think About It

Practical Courage: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 05

Sometimes I come out of the clouds and land solidly on the earth. Today, Courage takes a turn toward the worth. What can Courage teach me about abundance? 703 more words


Tracing back to stay committed: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 04

An overarching lesson for today is: do what it takes to stay committed. What motivates you? What inspires you? What calls to you deeply? Remember there is a higher purpose at hand!   686 more words


Choose Your Filter: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 03

The point is: it takes courage to change, to figure out a new way of being, to become something different than what you are used to, what you are comfortable with. 446 more words

Cause & Effect

Making Fear Obsolete: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 02

I am feeling very committed, very determined today. There is no wishy-washy in my determination to accomplish this Journey. Too much is going on in the world not to give absolutely, completely, 100% to Love, Peace, Harmony. 449 more words

Cause & Effect

Bona Fide: Journey of Courage 2017 - Day 01

Guiding Thought

Life is a process of Self-discovery. I embrace All of Life, for All of Life is who I am. As I embrace Life as my Self, I come to understand Life as me. 332 more words