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Bose QC35 - Product Review

I bought this headphone Bose QC35 basically to avoid sounds which I din’t want to listen while I was staying at my friend’s place (that was a bit rude to say, isn’t it?). 363 more words

Everything Else

Stick together… part 61… cities… part 8… San Francisco… part 5… this is it, the final chapter!!!

This is it, the very last of the posts in this weird, mirror image effect series.

Okay, technically, that isn’t true.

I have an idea for a a cool way to finish it, and I have already started collecting photos from Google images. 57 more words


Good Surgery

*Warning: might be a little graphic.

In 2003, I destroyed my left shoulder in a fall.  It was December and there was ice.  I was getting into my Isuzu Rodeo when I lost my footing and began to slide under the SUV. 776 more words

Everything Else

Simple Moments

Hello beautiful souls,

I could write so much about this moment, but all I will do is close my eyes and let the world go by…… 9 more words

Just 1 Woman

The Odds on Bingo

Today, having plenty of better things to do, I decided to amuse myself by calculating the odds involved in the game of bingo. Specifically, I am considering the standard US version of the game, in which the numbers run from 1 to 75, the cards use a 5 x 5 grid with the central cell marked as “free,” and the winner is the first player to complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of five marked cells. 380 more words

Everything Else

Summer Time

How time flies! Summer is half over and we are still running at full speed. The girls are enjoying their summer activities, as well as bike riding with the neighbor girls. 431 more words