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Developers 343 Industries tease about a 'big patch' coming to Halo Wars 2 Next Week

This week, Halo Wars 2 was launched on the Xbox one and PC. Developers 343 Industries and Creative Assembly are looking to provide extra content and support in the upcoming weeks. 232 more words


Fans' Reactions on Ghost Recon:Wildlands Open Beta

With the Ghost Recon:Wildlands’ open beta gone live, there have been mixed reactions from the players who took part in it. Here are the fans’ views after playing the beta. 396 more words


Introducing RedFaces

Words by Craig Pool.

Over the years, Sheffield has managed to produce a host of exciting guitar bands, some of whom have went on to global success. 491 more words

Everything You Need To Know

Carnahan's R-rated Uncharted Film Script Has A Lot Of 'F**king' Action Scenes

Recently, Uncharted movie writer Joe Carnahan shared some of the details on the script. To present the same feel and experience the game offered, he has written similar dialogues as in the game. 362 more words


Bioware casts Two Game Of Thrones Stars AS Voice Actors And Releases Gameplay Trailer

Today, Bioware announced that the Game of Thrones star, Natalie Dormer will be playing the role of Dr. Lexi T’Perro. She will be joining her co-star Gethin Anthony, who has got an important role in the game as well. 98 more words


Blizzard Teases On New Character And It Is Not Who You Think

Overwatch was in the news many times, over speculation about the arrival of a new character. Though the inclusion of a new hero is confirmed, it is not yet known, who that person is going to be. 228 more words


AMD's RYZEN is here, competing against Intel and it promises a lot

RYZEN has arrived

AMD is going to do a ‘hard launch’ of its first three processors on March 2. They are said to outperform Intel’s high end chips, while undercutting their prices by a massive 54%. 489 more words