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Everything You Never Wanted to Know About a Harvey Girls Recording, Pt. 3: Recording the Album, Take Two

These are some random notes that never were published. The album’s almost out, so we’re probably not going to write much more about it for awhile. 647 more words


'Puss' live

Here’s a video of the song ‘Puss’ from our upcoming album, ‘I’ve Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately,’ shot by our pal Josh Millard.


You want to see something scary? Realllllly?

To quote Dan Aykroyd, we have something scary to show you. It’s a commercial! What could be more terrifying?

So for the first time in THG history, we have label support to do something resembling traditional press. 1,024 more words

The Harvey Girls


Monster (original live demo)

Monster (cuddly version)

Monster was another first song created for the project. The version that ended up on the album is a combination of the ‘rock’ version that appears on the… 341 more words


FWIW or Allusive Titles Aren't Allowed

original demo (working title of ‘tickle,’ the song changed quite a bit when I changed my live setup to utilize live loops)
live at Backspace, 020610 (includes the spacey jam at the end for fun and sustenance) 466 more words



“Puss” The Harvey Girls (live at Backspace, Portland, 020610, recorded by Tim Kahn)

This is another tune that’ll be on I’ve Been Watching… and it’s an easy one to track down.  243 more words


A Letter to the Bees

Before we bore you to death with all the blah blah blahing about recording and our lives, we thought we should actually put up a song.  1,011 more words