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Apple hunt

In the orchard

there are droppings and thinnings

good chance for an apple hunt

Bert is not sure

Lottie and Bina do want their main meal too… 34 more words


Seventy Miles an Hour

I think it was April 2014. I was asleep. Suddenly I was awakened, not by any noise, but by the noiselessness that meant the electricity had gone out. 313 more words

Daily Prompt

Young Carers Summer Day Trip

When you’re all grown up, going on a day trip to the seaside is a lot less fun than when you were a lil one. Paddling in the sea is still fun and going to the arcades is still fun but it’s not quite the same as jumping the waves and building sandcastles and spending all of your mum’s change on the 2p machines. 265 more words


Lasting Wear-Proof Makeup for Long Summer Days

Summer is full of hot days and long nights, and let’s be real–no one wants to have to waste one minute of their precious summer fun retouching their makeup. 881 more words


These Cooling Beauty Products Will Help You Beat The Summer Heat

Trying to stay cool this summer? Having makeup on your face doesn’t always give off the most pleasant experience in the heat, but now there are… 585 more words


Well As A Layman, You May Still Wonder About The Actual Discount That You Might Avail As A Walmart Employee.

However, its acceleration and comfort features pose a minor obstacle in amount of sales tax, otherwise you might get penalized and would have to pay through your nose for the fine. 281 more words


Lost one

I miss you brother.I am alone in this world.I feel like,I lost everything.Like,I have no desire.

In reality,I can live without anything.Why I become like this?

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