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I want him

I want him naked. I want him empty. I don’t want him have anything, neither money nor car nor nothing. I don’t want flower, neither candy nor gifts buyed with his parent’s money. 77 more words


Red Dirt, White Snow and Other Southern Things

Okay, first off, Hi.

I’m James, and this is going to be the sometimes repository for my inane ramblings about life, the world and nothing in particular. 183 more words


Confession of Faith

 Don’t search for some things
Some things are nothing
Everything ends
End is everything
There are no answers to be found
There are no questions to be asked… 40 more words


Tied to home

Geez! Couldn’t even get a glimpse of her this week because I overslept on Monday, but I wasn’t feeling well anyway and got a bad headache that caused me some dizziness that stopped me from going to school on Friday. 12 more words


50 things you probably don't need to know (about me).

Call this peer (or fellow blogger) pressure. Regardless, here goes:

1. I am 5’2”. I love myself but I secretly wish I was taller.

2. I’m trying to stop biting my nails and cutting my hair. 1,187 more words


Same Post.

This picture remembers me of one of my last posts. Don’t you agree?


Survivor recap 3-5-15


I mean wtf?

Dan is a bit dopey.

Very out of shape.

White collar- day 4 and they just got fire? Oh boy…ew.

Why do these people insist on getting naked? 164 more words