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It feels like we’re separating somehow… I don’t think it’s time yet, is it? Or that my original self is like a magnet which repels forever. 31 more words


Seven Ways to Brighten Your Mood

I have been sick with a stomach flu since Monday so I haven’t been feeling my best, I basically couldn’t eat anything (or very little) for three days, had a bit of a fever too but luckily today has been the first day that I have genuinely felt better, health wise. 1,284 more words


On the road to having it all (whatever that means).

My Twitter and LinkedIn feed explode daily with articles aimed at women my age, Millennial Women, about “Having It All”. There’s a lot chatter right now regarding how impossible it is to have everything we want for ourselves at the same time.   1,075 more words


NASA Wants to Give the Moon a Moon

The space firm provides further details on its mission to shunt an asteroid into lunar orbit.

from Gizmodo UK http://ift.tt/1Ndc2h7


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It is interesting to see our technology evolve so greatly in such as short time.

Simple Method to Have Fun and Take a Shot at Earning Millions

Europeans have not experienced it so good, at least the ones that take pleasure in gaming in a safe and secure atmosphere. EuroLotto is here now and it is taking the gaming experience to an altogether brand new level. 409 more words


In Everything Go To God

When you face today, remind yourself about this one thing: Whatever you are going through, you can present it to God!

God is always available to you. 83 more words