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1952 When it Rains it Pours

This ad campaign for Morton Salt is an example of classic Americana. The full page ad appeared in the October 1952 edition of Everywoman’s magazine with an assortment of other food-related ads. 39 more words

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1952 Golden Date Cake

Some ads come with recipes. This one from Gold Medal Flour came with a cake recipe just like grandma (or great grandma) may have made. (Published in the October 1952 edition of Everywoman’s magazine). 11 more words


1952 A Boy and His Burger

A hungry freckle-faced lad pouring Ketchup on a burger is the subject of this 1952 ad for Stokely’s Catsup. The headline reads, “The Joy of Good Eating”. 42 more words


1952 Illustration by Ric Grasso

This 9 page short story titled “What Mother Knew Best” was written by Mary Brinker Post and illustrated by Ric Grasso. It was created for publication in the September 1952 edition of Everywoman’s magazine. 29 more words


"For now, I am everywoman"

Many friends have sent me links to the victim’s letter or shared outrage over the short sentencing of Brock Turner, the rapist from Stanford University. My response to them, aside from my own nausea, has been “I just can’t.” 626 more words


The Stone Diaries

The Stone Diaries, by Carol Shields

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Subject/Topic: “One of the most successful and acclaimed novels of our time, this fictionalized autobiography of Daisy Goodwill Flett is a subtle but affecting portrait of an everywoman reflecting on an unconventional life. 198 more words

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Woman Crush Wednesday – this is the first time PFS is going to try this trending # for Wednesday. To PFS, it means a day to stop and really look hard at our island’s women and say, “You are strong and I admire that!” 124 more words