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Hillary Tries To Be A "Regular Person" For One Day -- But Fails Miserably

BY Celeste Katz , Cameron Joseph


Clinton stopped at the Ohio Chipotle on Monday, as she makes her way to Iowa via van to speak with voters on a more personal level than she did during her 2008 campaign. 1,008 more words

I do.

I live and I learn.

I work so that I can play.

I talk a lot, because I have a lot to say!

I wish… 515 more words

I Dream Of Meaning

International Women's Day

I wonder about a day that is dedicated to celebrate women. A part of me is glad to see the pictures of women gathering together, forming tribes, honouring their feminine self, loving up their accomplishments and the lengths that they have walked. 540 more words


Are you a Role Model?

As a regular reader to our blog, you know that we take diversity and inclusion seriously. Diversity is our strength! Being Inclusive means being open and appreciative of others’ backgrounds, views and beliefs. 458 more words


I am She

The strangest thing has begun to happen. I have become she.

I’m re-working old words into slightly new sentences and paragraphs, and it never occurred to me until just this week that I have told nearly every story of my life in the first person. 192 more words

I Dream Of Meaning

Day 307 & Apologies

Please accept these rather cute virtual cupcakes as an apology for radio silence.



So what’s happened in the past 73 days? A heck of a lot that’s for sure. 371 more words