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Bring Sexy Back Respectfully!!

So you are aging. Yes, you are 30 and above. As much as that’s a fact of life, there’s something about being in your 20s, you aim at being extremely fashionable. 265 more words



“Axios” means “he is worthy”. It’s an old term used to show approval. In the Greek Orthodox Church, when someone is newly elected as a leader, he is presented before the congregation, who jointly call out “Axios! 161 more words



You might be wondering what this is. Well, i happen to be an editor of a Redpepper magazine known as “everywoman”. It is published every Saturday. 78 more words



Bettina Tianah, a celebrated TV personality and actor in the hostel series graced our amazing magazine a few months ago. She is currently featuring the hostel series. 55 more words



Flavia Tumusiime graced the Everywoman Magazine. She is a graceful news anchor and her sense of style is definately one to watch out for.


Everyday Redemption

I’ve been thinking about redemption a lot lately, the ordinary layperson kind, not the overwhelming Biblical sort. You might call it garden-variety grace, whatever that otherworldly “thing” is that softens your day and lets you keep going. 205 more words


An Everywoman Mary in May

At the beginning of May, a month traditionally dedicated to Mary, Fr Ian writes:

I find some of the piety, imagery and prose about Mary of previous (and even current) generations difficult to connect with. 246 more words