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Is evolution a lie?

Honesty and an open mind are critical to science. You have to let the data tell you what to think and not the other way around. 2,370 more words


Cars: Evidence Against Evolution

This article can be found in Answers in Genesis’ online article archive (Click here to read it). It was posted online on April 7, 1999, and is under the title: “Why Evolution Can’t Advance.” It was written on March 1, 1999, by Renton MacLachlan. 524 more words


Three Types of Science

Nowadays, people tend to think science is science, infallible and absolute. Not true. There are actually three types of science, and much of what is taken as concrete fact is actually based on assumption. 355 more words

Faith And Logic

Our work here has not been done....

You won’t like to hear this but Llandudno is floundering in a cesspool of depravity. This is despite the best efforts of the Jet Set. 885 more words


Neanderthal Art vs. the Modern Art of Atheists

Check out this beautiful artwork produced by the ancients, it’s far better than what most atheists, even those supposedly educated ones can produce. Isn’t it amazing that these “stupid cave men” who lived “30,000” years ago (at least so claim many atheists, Buddhists, pagans and Muslims and Bible-hating Christians) were able to paint better then most modern people who claim that these painters were stupid primitive less-evolved-then-them cave men? 277 more words