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End of DynaMed Plus subscription - 1st April 2017

From 1st April 2017, the Trust will no longer have access to DynaMed Plus. Links will be removed from the Hub and the library website.   113 more words

DynaMed Plus

The BRT Background

The BRT has been developed in response to the need for improved management of behavioral patients at GHS. On average, the security department receives 3 duress calls per day, that is 90 calls per month, and nearly 1100 per year. 52 more words


The Stress of Hospitalizations

Being hospitalized is a stressful event, regardless of whether or not you suffer with a mental illness. Underlying or new behaviors present in the presence of stress and unfortunately sometimes these behaviors can be expressed in an aggressive or violent manner. 135 more words


Evidenced-based practice Rec Therapy Conference in Philadelphia, PA on 4/28

Heather Proter (Temple University) operates the RT Wise Owls site.

She posted that they are having an Evidenced-based Rec Therapy Conference on 4/28/17.

I uploaded their flyer to Rec Therapy Today… 9 more words

School nurse toolkit: Evaluation of behaviour change interventions

School nurses are key professionals in delivering evidence-based public health
programmes and interventions to support children and young people achieve best
health outcomes | Public Health England… 97 more words

03 (March 2017)

How does Knowledge translation relate to evidence-based practice?

The most common definition of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) describes the explicit use of current best evidence in making decisions about individual patient care. It means integrating research evidence, with clinicians’ expertise and patient values. 387 more words


What's the deal with casein? The other, other protein...

As mentioned previously in my older post from last month (here), casein is another protein that can be utilized within one’s nutrition goals.  In the past, I used casein as part of my protein intake goal but personally noticed that it made me feel “bloated and bulky”; however, I was supplementing with other forms of protein and literally eating every 1.5 hours each day (this was pre-macro counting back in 2013-2014 times).   457 more words