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Some are more equal than others?

Alarm bells usually start ringing when medicine is held up as the model nursing should aspire to. Continuing family problems (it never rains but it pours) meant I had to miss the… 1,018 more words

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Of Mice and Cheese: Research with Non-equivalent Groups

Last week’s blog focused on the strongest types of evidence that you might find when trying to solve a clinical problem. These are: #1 Systematic reviews, Meta-analyses, or Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines based on systematic review of RCTs; & #2 Randomized controlled trials. 298 more words

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Narrowing down to open it up...

Just putting it out there…

My poster stems from what I have witnessed over the last 18 months as an uncertainty or confusion about what art therapy is and what it does. 691 more words


“I like my coffee (and my evidence) strong!”

Let’s say you are still working to solve the issue of whether gum chewing reduces post-operative ileus. You identified titles of all relevant articles using PubMed database ( 462 more words

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Are more free schools a good idea?

By Ben Durbin

Earlier this week David Cameron announced plans to open 500 new free schools in the next Parliament. In doing so, he adopted a familiar template used by politicians announcing new policy initiatives: our previous policy has been successful; if you vote for us we’ll do it some more, and it’ll continue to be successful. 821 more words

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How to Re-Invent the Wheel (NOT!!)

You can avoid re-inventing the wheel by checking in with top notch experts who have already examined the practice problem that you face.

In other words, it’s time to head to the library. 552 more words

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The Story and Growth of Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Practice and Medicine as we commonly know it has had an interesting story so far. Today it is viewed as the standards by which patient care should be developed; however, as recently as twenty years ago it was a very controversial topic. 594 more words

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