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A 33,000 foot view: The Abstract

 Abstracts are great; abstracts are not enough!

An abstract will not give you enough information to accurately apply the study findings to practice.   An abstract… 267 more words

Evidence Based Nursing

How much of the picture is needed before a decision can be made?

Decision making in environmental management is fraught with uncertainties.Uncertainties exist because we either don’t know something or what we do know we have reason to believe is untrustworthy. 504 more words

Finding the Needles in the Haystacks: Evidence Hunting Efficiently & Effectively

Searching for the right evidence is an art & a science.   In an effective search, the RN:

  1. Identifies excellent key words based on a clear problem statement…
  2. 276 more words
Evidence Based Nursing

Is tinzaparin better than warfarin in patients with VTE and cancer or not?

The CATCH trail results were published this week in JAMA. Read the abstract is below. Do you think this drug is useful for venous thromboembolism (VTE) treatment? 771 more words

Evidence Based Practice

Editing a Journal: Not Bedside Nursing, But Still an Urgency to Get Things Right

By Maureen Shawn Kennedy, MA, RN, AJN editor-in-chief

‘Nurses practice based on what’s in the literature; we need editors who will draw lines and stand firm against publishing biased and inaccurate papers.’

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Evidence-Based Practice in the Real World

Welcome to Sound Behavioral Health, an organization that strives to make evidence-based clinical work realistic and alive. Over the next few months we will be updating the site with training announcements and articles in our quest to empower clinicians with real-world application of the best that science and research has to offer. 36 more words

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