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Mystery in the Library

Here’s my most recent board! I was really inspired by a local restaurant around here that is spy-themed, so I went ahead and made a board based on it. 1,063 more words


Twain Quote

Even the clearest and most perfect circumstantial evidence is likely to be at
fault, after all, and therefore ought to be received with great caution. Take… 49 more words


Use Your Head

A life that doesn’t quite align with the norm often comes with a dose of skepticism and push-back against what is generally accepted. This isn’t always a bad thing. 1,507 more words


How likely you'll die from an unnatural death

These are US based statistics so death by firearm discharge or assault by firearm are likely much lower elsewhere in the world.



Just Culture and Restorative Justice

Sometimes it is better to read Sidney Dekker than listen to him.  His presentation style is lively but his research and thoughts deserve more measured analysis than a conference or seminar presentation allows.   768 more words


Can you trust the Bible?

On this talk show:  How a man can completely trust that the Bible is the inspired word of God, and how to begin living your life in a way that shows you trust the Bible! 27 more words