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Introducing Eyewitness M&E

Observation of surroundings and local context is a key element of monitoring and evaluation.

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'Forget gurus, the cult of the evidence-based blogger has taken over' by Alan Taylor

This is a reblogging of a post from last week by Alan Taylor…well worth a read.

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Got Evidence?

I’ve been following the McAfee madness for quite sometime now. Both good and bad experiences making contributions to his Facebook page have been had.

David has a knack for oversimplifying an issue by generalizing it according to some presupposed principle that would likely not hold for all cases in question. 411 more words

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A Legal Analysis of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Differential Diagnosis of Justice, by Ken Strutin, LLRX.com


When King Solomon resolved history’s best-known custody dispute, he implicitly divined that the death of the absent child was due to accidental infanticide, not intentional homicide.

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Inadmissible Evidence May Still Get In for a Limited Purpose

It may not be favored by courts or be the parties’ preference, but there’s a place for evidence to be admitted for a limited purpose. It can be seen as either a creative solution to an evidence admissibility problem or a way around the rules, depending on your perspective. 376 more words

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