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Evidence 002

To the ballot box!, 17:03, Avenue du Général Leclerc* – 1 December 2015

And speaking of piss and vomit, this evening I rolled passed a man relieving himself beside a busy sidewalk. 88 more words


The Script Giveaway Scam: AvidFannibal has "Randomly" Won Twice

Okay so something is fishy here. Not only is @AvidFannibal a mutual of Tattle-Crime they also use a doll in pictures to represent themselves:

Seem familiar? 248 more words


Hanni-Holidays Scam Update Tattle-Crime.com

Tattle-com is selling a “gift package” for 45 dollars that is clearly not worth that amount of money. Lets look at what she’s selling shall we? 349 more words


Determining Ancient Climates

“For a whole month this year, the world’s atmosphere contained more than 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide, on average. That’s more CO2 than the atmosphere has seen for… 900 more words

Short Stories And Writing Topics

If dogs have a better sense of smell than humans, why hasn't a dog said so?

‘Religion doesn’t have all the answers, but neither does science’ is a terrible argument.

I can forgive science for not having all the answers, it’s totally understandable. 145 more words


Global Warming Fraud

by Sarah C. Corriher 12 Oct 2015  Environmentalism has been politically linked to alternative medicine for many years, due to the unfortunate pervasive presence of the paganistic religions.  297 more words