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All the philosophies of men regarding the meaning of life have (at least) two things in common: (1) They are all subjective; (2) They are all… 792 more words


Wally, Now that's a good question...

Are you living as if Jesus might come back today?

“..in six days He created everything, He’s been working on Heaven 2000 years” -Keith Green song… 670 more words

More Evidence of Where the Money Goes

Where does the money go, paid by speed awareness course attendees? It goes on speed cameras (and operating them) and on police motorcycles!

As readers might be aware, NDORS and the Government have claimed that the police only receive the administration costs associated with the provision of speed awareness courses (allegedly a fixed fee of £35 now). 281 more words


Our planet is heating - the empirical evidence

Mike Sandiford, University of Melbourne

In an entertaining and somewhat chaotic episode of ABC’s Q&A (Monday 15th August) pitting science superstar Brian Cox against climate contrarian and global conspiracy theorist and now senator Malcolm Roberts, the question of cause and effect and empirical data was raised repeatedly in regard to climate change. 1,626 more words


Bad Science

I am an avid supporter of science. The scientific method of observing, testing, following the evidence, designing studies to carefully eliminate as many confounding factors as possible, requiring independent verification, and rewarding new and contradictory knowledge rather than defending traditional dogma is clearly our best way of arriving at the truth. 403 more words


How the Money Bail System Perpetuates America’s Mass Incarceration Problem

By Jared Keller

Pacific Standard

At this very moment, nearly 450,000 Americans are sitting in county jails not because they’ve been charged with a crime, but because they simply don’t have enough money to post bail. 299 more words