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Textiles from the time of King David found in ancient Israeli mine

Writer’s Note:  Here we see yet another article which shows the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. For 3,000 years these textiles and seeds have been in a copper mine in Israel’s Arava Valley just waiting to be discovered. 643 more words


What Information Theory Tell Us About e-Discovery and the Projected 'Information → Knowledge → Wisdom' Transition

This is an article on Information Theory, the Law, e-Discovery, Search and the evolution of our computer technology culture from Information → Knowledge → Wisdom. The article as usual assumes familiarity with writings on AI and the Law, especially… 3,369 more words


Defeating Darwin

Evolution is wildly distorted by Christians, agnostics and atheists alike. These distortions, whether intended or not, are too egregious to ignore. Time to fess up.  1,076 more words


I keep having dreams

Where everyone who is dead to me is actually dead, and I only feel sort of bad, mostly strange, but not regretful.

I think it must be a beautiful thing to be truly alone.


£350m a week - how we got in this mess

UK Statistics Authority issued a statement today saying that it was “disappointed” in the way the £350m figure (of the cost of the UK’s EU membership) is being used and that it “undermines trust in official statistics”. 1,473 more words