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The effects of climate change on a mega-diverse country: predicted shifts in mammalian species richness and turnover in continental Ecuador

Would you like to learn more about the effects of climate change in Ecuador? check this article out! My good friend Paula Iturralde- Polit and her team found on their study that in Ecuador “all scenarios predicted that climate change will have effects on species richness distribution patterns” and that “some species may not be able to shift their ranges fast enough to track their suitable climates.” Really interesting evidence to take into consideration when designing resilient conservation  and adaptation strategies… 12 more words


Evidence celebrates his birthday on June 12

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Celebrity Gists

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NCIS Season 13 Episode 4

NCIS Season 13 Episode 4

Double Trouble

A man, Doke get in the hidden lair, he threaten owner to put grenade to him. He rob their cash and money and leave his grenade there. 278 more words


Indian Evidence Act, 1872


  1. Drafted by Sir James Fitz Stephen
  2. Structure of the act:
  3. Parts of the act are as follows:
  4. Chapters of the act are as follows: …
  5. 92 more words

Mixtape Review-Red Corolla by Domo Genesis

Mixtape Review-Red Corolla by Domo Genesis

by Dan-O

Odd Future turned out to be a pretty awesome buffet of talent you could pick and choose from. 502 more words