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Meditation: Applying Evidence to Life


Post-Harvey catch up is still taking over my life! I am so tired it is making me nauseated, literally. I still have lots of work to do- so hopefully this doesn’t get worse. 518 more words


Thinking without end

After the interview with Dawkins on BBC Radio 4 covered in the last post, the argument about evidence and political decision-making took further bizarre turns. The next day John Humphreys interviewed the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who was asked to comment on Dawkins’ views. 1,110 more words


William Bruce Pitzer

Lieutenant Commander William Bruce Pitzer (April 13, 1917 – October 29, 1966) was an officer of the United States Navy whose death has some connection with the JFK assassination. 591 more words


Reflections from Infection Prevention 2017: Where will IPC be in 2027?

If Iā€™m still around in 2027 (which I hope to be by the way), you have my advance express permission to throw this post back in my direction. 1,240 more words


Career Competencies and Career Guidance ā€“ What is happening in Europe?

Today I’m in Copenhagen presenting at the Career Competencies and Career Guidance ā€“ What is happening in Europe? Seminar for guidance counsellors from Studievalg and eGuidance. 115 more words


Catalog of Evidence

How to know the God of the Bible exists and is the only true God.

  • Creation itself
  • Morality
  • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Israel

*Note: This is a compilation of many works 5,673 more words


Diluting the scientific method: Ars looks at homeopathy

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Over the past couple of weeks, Ars has started receiving e-mails about a topic that doesn’t really fit into our normal areas of coverage: homeopathy. 1,272 more words