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The Murder Bag

Our Forensics: Anatomy of Crime exhibition is on until 21 June 2015. One of the objects you’ll find on display is an equipment case from 1972, used by officers at the scene of a crime to gather evidence. 643 more words


Integrating biodiversity and poverty alleviation: insights from the Darwin Initiative

Today (22nd May) is International Day for Biological Diversity 2015. This year’s theme, ‘Biodiversity for Sustainable Development’, reflects a broader shift in thinking about biodiversity (the variety of life on earth) and human development as interconnected issues. 739 more words


The Whole Counsel

God gave you—and frankly you need—the whole counsel of Himself.

That means everything from the first page of Genesis to the last page of the… 1,028 more words


Our dog has a big nose and it means he's a liar.

We are all familiar with Pinocchio and the issues he had with his creator Geppetto and his ability to fabricating stories, which resulted in his nose growing. 140 more words

What it means to be a part our learning community

In January, I started to see some little issues emerge in the class. We had just started working on our own and instead of having 2 teachers and 44 students, we had 1 teacher and 20 students at the time. 168 more words

Teacher Quality Standards


Religion is usually the end of rational thought. Take, for example, how people choose their religion. A rational approach would be to examine the world’s many religions, look for evidence, and settle on the one that provided that evidence. 117 more words