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Why vascular access leadership skills are important in the workplace

I just read a great article on leadership by Stephanie C. from the UK. She states that quality leadership skills are often sought after by many employers; they not only show that you have good interpersonal skills, they also show that you have the ability to co-ordinate, motivate and shape a team. 683 more words

Quick Reference of Impeachable Offenses

Quick Reference of Impeachable Offenses

Note:  This list is not all inclusive.  The list incorporates selected items (indicated by “*”) from A Reference Chart of Impeachable and Non-Impeachable Offenses… 717 more words

- Criminal Law

Profits on Speed Awareness Courses in Gloucestershire

Radio channel Heart published some information on the profits made by Gloucestershire County Council in 2016/2017 in an article which has subsequently been removed from their web site. 292 more words


The Challenge of Jesus

The Bible cites a brief incident where Jesus challenged powerful people with a simple but profound question they could not or would not answer. Can you?  1,114 more words


Understanding James Comey’s Termination: Exploring the need for special prosecution


Dylan Lorio-MacNamara


On May 9, 2017, President Trump fired James Comey, the Director of the FBI, after months of tense discussions about investigations into Trump’s administration by Comey. 1,288 more words

What we should have been doing all along: Translational Epidemiology

When I was applying to get into the DrPH program, the interviewer — who would later become my academic advisor — asked me for my thoughts on Translational Epidemiology. 706 more words


Why does Noah's Ark still need debunking?!

It’s ridiculous, there are grown adults who seriously believe, and will try to defend the claim, that the entire Earth was covered with water, because a god got so angry with humanity, that it drowned every living thing. 259 more words