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Jesinoski Revisited. Rescission is in the details.

it continues to be true that the statute is clear, the rules of procedure are clear, and the rules of evidence are clear — yet trial courts are adamantly opposed to allowing homeowners to use the power granted to them by Congress.

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Podcast: The Amateur Society - How To Win Any Debate - 01.22.2018

How do you prove that your rational faculties are reliable? What standards of evidence and proof are sufficient to establish a claim? What about the requirement that a claim must be falsifiable in order to be valid? 113 more words

Decision Theory

Organizational/Industrial Psychologist Interview

How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and unique career?

I am a big believer in evidence-based methods.  My life changed in many positive ways because of all the times decisions were made about me using data.  956 more words


[Evidence] How usability testing can save you time from countless revisions.


A product that is never tested with actual end users have been through countless revisions applying mere assumptions.

I conducted usability test to create credible evidences driven from actual users. 793 more words

Usability Testing

Explainer: the evidence for the Tasmanian genocide

The painting Group of Natives of Tasmania, 1859, by Robert Dowling.

Kristyn Harman, University of Tasmania

At a public meeting in Hobart in the late 1830s, Solicitor-General Alfred Stephen, later Chief Justice of New South Wales, shared with the assembled crowd his solution for dealing with “the Aboriginal problem”. 1,155 more words


Step Brothers - 'Lay Some Treats On Us'

Evidence’s new album finally drops this week, but before then we’ve been gifted some fresh Step Brothers music, aka Ev and Alchemist.


Train Wrecks Turn Heads from the Miracle Moments in your Life

Life is messy. The world we live in is witness to the endless bucket of challenges waiting for us outside the comfort of our walls. We build walls to hold things inside or to keep unwanted intruders out. 212 more words