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The secret sauce of evidence use

James Georgalakis of the IDS argues: At times the noble cause of evidence-informed policy and practice (EIPP) can almost feel like a competition, as different research disciplines sectors and experts claim to have discovered the secret sauce of evidence use. 20 more words

Isn't it enough to just highlight & read, read, read again and again?

The Importance of Looking at the Research

As I have begun studying the book titled Understanding How We Learn: A Visual Guide by Yana Weinstein and Megan Sumeracki with Oliver Caviglioli (2019) I have learned the importance of keeping myself informed of the latest findings by researchers when it comes to learning. 699 more words


In Hope Against Hope He Believed

In Hope Against Hope He Believed

Believing in God’s promises is absolutely necessary,  if we want  to receive  His promises.     If we essentially  choose  to call God Almighty,  our Creator and Redeemer,  a liar  by thinking He has not promised us anything  of value — we won’t receive any  of His many promises — let alone the free gift  of eternal life. 651 more words


The Resurrection of Jesus, Part 3: The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

One of the movement’s most bitter enemies became it’s most prolific evangelist

The apostle Paul, known as “Saul” before his conversion to Christianity[1] around 35 AD, has perhaps the most dramatic conversion story of all of the early Jewish believers in Jesus. 715 more words

The Resurrection of Jesus, Part 2: The Evidence

When examined honestly, the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth turns out to be very good, and much better than for any alternative explanations on offer. 937 more words

The Resurrection of Jesus, Part 1

Why Should I Care?

Why should you care whether or not some random Jewish man came back to life 2000 years ago in an average city in a backwater Roman province? 993 more words

Gumballs, 'Gall', Belief and the Null Hypothesis

In answer to a gumball post

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    As I understand dilahuntys point onnthe gumballs, it’s about the null hypothesis. Just because one can’t a priori say that the number is even without actually counting, doesn’t mean that the number must be odd.

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