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Summa Cum Laude gold cords

I’m so proud of my young nephew in Michigan who graduated from high school with an over 4 point average Summa Cum Laude gold cords on Sunday. 264 more words

Xtian Haiku: Beginner Unbegun

For Jb and Antebellum Amanda

On a recent attempt by the Dynamic Duo of Familial Fraternity on WordPress to drag an unwilling participant into their insecure and irrational attempts at Internet Apologetics, these two tried to lure those evil and nasty Atheists… and one yours truly just merely “Not a Christian anymore” to comment bomb this biblical language scholar on his… 626 more words

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Welcome to my blog!

W and I are expecting our first child in August 2018 and couldn’t be more excited. While preparing ourselves for the journey that is about to be parenthood, we have struggled to find… 223 more words

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Pope Francis: Help from an Unexpected Source --- Derivative Markets "Ethically Unacceptable"

Warren Buffett saw it 15 years ago after analysis performed on the derivative markets. He said that the derivatives, as they were then (and now) being used, were “financial weapons of mass destruction.” If he was ignored what chance does anyone else have?

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Grace and Faith

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).

I want to share an old song that I love: 862 more words

Do we have evidence of God’s hand in creation?

Is there evidence of God’s hand in creation?

While my faith is not based on scientific discovery, I find evidence of God’s creation interesting.  I also find it interesting to note how strongly some anti-theists work to discredit evidence of God. 308 more words

Study Buddy

Dennis, do you know what happened to Mama’s study guide for the certification test she has to take in a couple of days? 35 more words