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To assume that the absence of a memory is evidence that the event referred to by one (who claims to remember that event) is evidence that the event did not occur is a bit like the “logic” expressed by the atheistic reference to God. 90 more words


ghost stories

Just about everyone I know has a ghost story or they know someone who does. What is the most terrifying experience you have ever had with ghost? 52 more words


Exhibit 8: Tattle-Crime.Com Thinks Everyone Loves her

Over my time being friends with whoever Tattle-Crime.com is, I’ve come to realize that she has some weird thought in her head that everyone loves her, as in everyone loves Freddie Lounds. 533 more words


Dakota County Begins DNA Collection

HASTINGS, Minn. (AP) β€” A county south of the Twin Cities begins collecting DNA samples from people arrested and charged with violent crimes.

Previously an individual had to be convicted before a DNA sample could be collected. 119 more words


Know and Abiding by the Rules of Evidence, State and Federal

If the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, in Arizona vs. Jodi Ann Arias, had a clear cut, no-question-asked-about-it case, why did he have to use these pictures from other days and years in Court as Evidence? 686 more words

Jessica Fletcher

The Holy Spirit: transparently nonsense

If anything is unsubstantiated fantasy, it’s the Holy Spirit. It – I know Christians prefer β€˜he’, but the pronoun used in the Greek of the New Testament is more often… 551 more words

Christianity's Failure To Deliver