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Does bubble exist in Toronto's Housing Market?

Everyone keeps talking about 33% year-over-year house price growth in March in Toronto….. Toronto’s housing market is definitely on fire! However, is there a bubble? Well, let us do some econometricks! 776 more words


Cointegration Tests that allow for structural breaks?

Structural breaks can sometimes be a huge hassle to deal with when you are trying to investigate the long run relationship between the variables by running standard cointegration tests such as Engle-Granger or the standard Johansen test. 265 more words


"Logan" Review

*Possible Spoilers Follow*

Anybody who has heard me rant about superhero movies has probably heard me compare them to the Western genre. That might seem odd, but when you really look at the history of the Western you see that they were as wildly popular as superhero movies for quite some time. 646 more words