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Start here, please. The hybrids...

The group that was in control, the ‘elites’ were actually a mix of humans and aliens. But the aliens are actually a mix of two different alien species, so they have a lot of the underlying confusion and insecurities of any being with a mixed heritage. 495 more words

Evil Aliens

Evil Aliens

Evil Aliens (2005) is a British sci-fi/horror comedy written and directed by Jake West for Falcon Media Limited. Starring Emily Booth, Samuel Butler, Jennifer Evans, Jamie Honeybourne, Peter McNeil O’Connor, Nick Smithers, Jodie Shaw, Chris Adamson, Eden Ford, and featuring Norman Lovett. 257 more words


15 Favorite Key & Peele Sketches

Well, Key & Peele is now over, which means two things: one, the world is weeping, and two, it’s time for everyone on the internet to post lists of their favorite… 954 more words