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As a political party, you should be careful about your neighbours …

US Launching Aggressive Global Propaganda War in Response to Russian Hacking Hoaxes

This is what happens when you stop taking a serious approach to geopolitics. Which you can do when you have a brutal lockdown on the media, and all dissenting voices are systematically silenced. 638 more words

8 June 2019: Saturdays seem to fly by now...

Well here we are again, sitting within yet another Saturday. This Saturday is different though, this Saturday is when I show the world that I can predict the future. 1,717 more words


Rumors of War: Washington Is Looking for a Fight

The Senatorial commentary is, of course, greatly exaggerated and sometimes completely false regarding what is going on in the world, but it is revealing of how ignorant American legislators can be and often are. 648 more words

End Times ~ Q ~ True history

The following is an account of some things I have been pursuing and reflecting on for over a year. Basically, I have been following an unexpectedly (for me) political line of thought, and have reflected on it in the light of my concept of the last days. 1,604 more words

Rage Against the Machine: Evil Empire


Evil Empire is the follow-up to the bands majorly successful and now iconic, self-titled debut album from 1996. Evil Empire picks up where the bands prior album left off as it charges out of the gate with the esoteric banger, … 289 more words