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Imperial is a great measuring system, though.

You all know who they are. A large organisation devoted to crushing everything the main characters hold dear. They’re the ones who spend every resource, use any means, have way more hidden knowledge, and somehow maintain a force of elite monsters as reinforcements for the final battle. 877 more words


the right of fight or flight

when the zombies come

don’t be a hero

don’t be dumb

don’t be a fool statistically


survive realistically

when the vampires land

don’t stick around… 60 more words

Poem; Poetry


I don’t know, but to paraphrase Trump “many people” are saying this bromance thing between Trump and Putin is beginning to look like a sequel to the movie Broke Back Mountain. 214 more words

Get Ready to Be Hated, Cubs Fans

It’s already starting. Cubs fans are already one of the most hated fanbases in the country and they won the World Series like five minutes ago. 200 more words


Boeing and WTO calling kettle black: Funny how we claim Airbus gets government subsidies, yet Boeing gets lots of subsidies through tax credits

I used to admire Boeing, but the past few years they’ve come to be just another cog in the Evil Empire that is post-Reagan Corporate America. 89 more words

Preview: Evil Empire Vol. 3 TP

Evil Empire Vol. 3 TP

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Max Bemis
Artist: Victor Santos
Cover Artist: Jay Shaw
Price: $19.99

How could we actually end up in a jacked up dystopian future…starting from exactly where you are, right now? 90 more words