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Our President Has Balls- for the First Time Since 1989!

Not everyone in this country is old enough to remember Ronald Reagan, the Great Communicator.  He was the guy who had the balls to tell Gorbachev (the premier of the then Soviet Union) to “tear down this wall” between the two Berlins.  319 more words



YOU CAN CERTAINLY SAY that’s the way it is today, The world seems turned upside down compared to the way it was in the 60s, 50s, the 18 or 1690s, even—you pick your preferred extinct paradise. 468 more words

Досье CXXVII: Fourth of July, Arizona Sky…

That’s the sound of freedom, right there, said the preacher,

full of hubris and pride, pointing skyward at the fighter jet,

breaking the sound barrier, making the air shudder, 29 more words


Досье CXXV: Dog Eat Dog, Liberally…

Slough of despondency,

my sensitive soul mourns:

liberal society,

apex depravity.




26 July 2017

Mobile phone and internet service has been a problem recently but after a few days of extreme frustration we are back up and running.  18 more words

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