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One Bad Glance!

If you are superstitious, then you know the power of the “Evil Eye”. However, in the early ’80s, there was another, much less malignant Evil Eye, and that was the Fast 111’s racing rig by the same name. 52 more words

Spiritual Amulets | Envious Gems

Throughout history jewelry has been used for more than just decoration. Jewelry with different charms and pendants has been used for all sorts of things including protection against evil, danger and disease. 474 more words

Envious Gems

Istanbul photo gallery

A year living in Istanbul inspired two of Veronica’s books: Her novel ‘Evil Eye’ about a young English girl who finds herself the victim of a sinister plot to take advantage of her; and the non-fiction book ‘How to Protect Yourself against the Evil Eye’ which explains the intriguing cultural and historical background of the belief that looking upon someone with the evil eye – in other words, with envy – can cause them actual physical harm. 12 more words


Indian superstitions explained

Old shoes and flips flops hanging from cycle rickshaws and autos, green chillis and limes threaded together and adorning shop signs, aubergines placed around wedding gifts and black spots painted on the cheeks of babies.  520 more words

Understanding India

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