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Play with me kitty..

Always be curious, but first and foremost be safe…curiousity killed the cat…or did it?

Stay careful unbirthday adventurers…

And when a cat gives you the evil eye…just walk away….walk away….


Superstitious Pickup Lines Haikus


Girl, you look like spilled
salt cause I wanna throw you
over my shoulder.


Girl, you won’t think it’s
bad luck after I give you… 48 more words

Random cat photo 20161018

The evil eye. This is the expression I get when I try to get her attention.


Mean People Suck

Think everyone wishes you well? Not always! Unfortunately, just like there are people that pray for you there are those that delight in bringing you down. 273 more words

The Evil Eye

Are you superstitious? In Jewish tradition, whenever you are thinking about how well things are going, you must give yourself a “Kinehoreh” (pronounced Kin-ah-HOH-rah) to ward off the evil eye. 807 more words

Fiction Writing

The church of Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco

My family and I visited Naples, Italy, the site of the beginning of my novel, PROVIDENCE OF SOULS, in 2014. The plan was to visit the ossuary, or cave, of the original Cult of the Skulls. 515 more words

Providence Of Souls