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The Fiery Eye

“I gave them the Fiery eye,” pronounced Aunt Miranda. “Disreputable smut!”

“Artistic nudes,” corrected Jeremy.

“You set fire to them?” asked Fire Marshall Neely.

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Short Fiction

Evil Eye: Truth Or Misconception

We are growing and progressing in every way. With time, we have become more rational and scientific. We have less time to follow traditions or look for logic in everything. 116 more words


Anti Evil Eye Potion Vial ➹➷

Find a vial that is easy to carry around and is not heavy. Fill it with Kohl Powder كحل (that is used for eyeliner, natural works best). 

Finished Project and Artist Statement

The aversion to being alone in a public setting is an ironic one because you can never truly be alone. No seriously. You’re literally sitting, walking, or standing amongst an entire group of people who are most likely present for the same reason that you are. 200 more words


What's In Your Heart?

The Lord has been helping me understand and shedding light on a topic that every believer faces. So I want to start this post a little differently.  711 more words

Spirit, Soul & Body