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A Story About Reframing Misfortune

This month, the theme for the monthly storytelling group I attend was “Starting Over”. I’m the poster child for that, but I didn’t feel like being too intense this time, so I thought about a blog post I did a while back on… 54 more words


The Jinx: Thèophile Gautier

What is shrouded in the fogs of England becomes clear in the sunlight of Naples…”

The Jinx, a short tale from French author Thèophile Gautier is a tale of fate, love and the Evil Eye. 823 more words


February Photo Challege, Day 5: Stripe

“Stripe?” the vet said to me, quizzically. I didn’t name her. She was named by a 7 year old boy. Maybe she actually had a stripe or two back then…I don’t remember, but that’s her name, descriptive or not. 165 more words


Evil Eye

Evil Eye –

Today’s info is all about Evil Eye – Every culture has a different concoction or definition of this term. Not to mention people and customs differ how they deal with this situation. 708 more words

Vedic Astrology

“I’m Afraid of the Evil Eye” Club

“Sglazeet” is what the Russians call “giving the evil eye.” I totally believe in this, but it’s technically hocus pocus witchery; like ghosts. My husband tells me that it’s up to me whether I give anyone the power to jinx or cast this evil spell. 816 more words


Blurred Lines - From Superstition to Pseudoscience

Growing up in India we had usual plethora of Gods stacked up in the “God corner”. In addition, there were the other usual suspects – a sealed pot of water from the Ganges, various dried herbs and a ton of other knick knacks – collections from various temple visits. 622 more words

Religion & Philosophy

I spy fun and laughs

It can be tough to keep younger people occupied during boring/waiting activities. Li’l Miss often has a difficult time during these moments, and it’s not always feasible for us to leave to prevent escalating behaviours – and I don’t want to be redirecting her endlessly until we’re out of a sticky situation. 227 more words

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