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Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil eye jewelry has become hugely popular. But it makes me wonder if people know the purpose behind wearing it, besides being stylish? Evil eye jewelry is worn to ward off the actual “evil eye.” 88 more words

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3 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Evil Eye!

I came across a few posts and articles about Al-A’in or the Evil Eye. At first, I didn’t really bother about it. I mean, just because I don’t know what it is, I tend to ignore it and pretend it has nothing to do with me. 894 more words

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The Greeks believed blue repels vampires and other spirits.
They painted blue around doorways and windows to prevent vampires from entering their house.

Blue is also the most common color of the evil eye protection amulet. 7 more words

"Here's Lookin' at you kid!" The "Evil Eye!"

In my novel, “Providence of Souls,” Cessarina Iacovina and her family are cursed by the “Evil Eye,” or the “Malocchio.”

What do you do when you are cursed with the evil eye? 124 more words

Providence Of Souls

All About the Hamsa

Ayn al-ḥasud. عين الحسود. The evil eye. Believed to be a malicious stare, the evil eye is said to be capable of causing illness, death or just general unluckiness to its receiver. 393 more words