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E is for Eye

Hamsa – The image of an open right hand is an ancient, universal sign. Often relating to protection against the Evil Eye (ayin ha-ra).

Dracula… 706 more words


What is the meaning of a Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye Symbols?

Hamsa  & Evil Eye

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God.

In all faiths it is a protective sign. 95 more words

Protection From Shaytaan

3 things a person can do to stay protected from Shaytaan as mentioned by a senior scholar in this field:

1) Recite Surat al Baqarah as Shaytaan flees from the house it’s recited in as mentioned in Sahih Muslim. 76 more words


Hands Up... or Down

I know you have seen it before
: the hand that seems to have the same sized thumb and pinky. Sometimes, there are intricate designs throughout the inside often including an all seeing eye and other familiar symbols… 204 more words


July Nail Art Challenge #1: Place You'd Love To Visit

Yup, I’m doing another nail art challenge month! I really enjoyed doing it for May and June, so I figure why stop now? It’s also a good way to get me posting regularly; left to my own devices, I’m lucky if I do once a week. 398 more words


Little Mosque S2E8 - Best Intentions

Amaar compliments Baber without saying "Masha’Allah" ("thanks to Allah"), so Baber thinks he has attracted the evil eye. As a consquence, Baber has lots of bad luck. 334 more words

Little Mosque On The Prairie

Evil Eyes

My grandma uses her eyeliner pencil to draw a small dot in between my eyebrows.

A third eye.

She whispers to the air:

“Don’t let your eyes touch her, 53 more words

Aisheshek Magauina