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The Evil Eye and Facebook

First off, I am not a religious person. I am spiritual and believe in a higher energy, a feminine energy. That said, I do believe the idea of the Evil Eye, or the real effects the negative energies of others can bring upon you. 3,810 more words


Evil Eye

There’s so much happiness I want to share.
The sweet fragrance of my rosebed,
But along my path lay a thorn,
Stopping me in my tracks and bleeding me dry. 25 more words


Green Eyed Devils

In Medieval times, individuals with green eyes were associated with envy and deceit, prone especially to witchery and dark magic. The evil eye, a malevolent curse documented by multiple cultures, was more likely to be cast by the light eyed. 443 more words


Fatima, Miriam, and the Evil Eye

Fatima or “Shining One” was the name Muhammad and Khadijah gave their youngest daughter, born around 605 CE. A few years later, in a mountain cave just beyond their Arabian town of Mecca, Muhammad began receiving the revelations that would later become the Qur’an. 1,067 more words



Describe what you think and image is

an image is a projection of what the photographer, the artist, the cartoonist, the cinematographer sees through his extensions of self. 464 more words

Remix Culture

Some Remarks on the Greek Child-Killing Demon, Gylou/Abyzou

Once upon a time, I gave a short presentation on a handful of 5th century Byzantine amulets as part of the core class for my master’s program.  1,562 more words