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That One Time I Felt Like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? And that the person watching you is Mark Zuckerberg? And that Mark Zuckerberg is an evil genius planning world domination? 935 more words


Evil Kitty

An evil kitty that wants to take over the world.


Theme Thursday - Geek Merit Badges

One of our longest running signature lines here at Storied Threads is our Geek Merit Badges. We began this line back in 2011, and have been steadily adding to it over the last five years, until today it contains 42 different designs! 414 more words

Smut/Idea No. 1

Who is Walt Disney? A lying, cheating, idea stealing, evil genius. That’s who. What’s really behind the disney movies? Who really created them. Me. I did. 15 more words

They Fight Crime! (A Chuck Wendig Challenge)

A simple enough challenge. Go to theyfightcrime.net. Use those characters in a story. My two:

  1. He’s a bisexual evil genius with a water pistol full of pee.
  2. 1,522 more words