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Why Katie Hopkins is a genius.

I’m a fan of controversy, I live for it. I bathe in the muck of righteous indignation and moral outrage. Give me a scandal and I’ll give you a massive, throbbing hate-erection. 561 more words

Ryan's Rants

Convicts in the Order of Anarchy

Day 29

Character: Convicts in the Order of Anarchy

Featured in:  Villain School

Role:  Bunch of crooks

These students specialize as con artists and thieves. They’re also a bunch of cheaters, always trying to find a hidden edge at the science fair. 65 more words

School Plays

New Book Review: Cyber Genius (Book 3 Family Genius) by Patricia Rice

Anastasia (Ana) Devlin has trust issues. This happens if your mother is a beautiful spy who is always hustling you and your half siblings in and out of danger. 490 more words

Amateur Detective

Heidi Jekyll

Day 27

Character:  Heidi Jekyll

Featured in:  Villain School

Role:  Top of the food chain.

She is the star student at Villain School. Skilled and wickedly smart, Heidi does evil really well. 101 more words

School Plays


Children will be able to learn how to torture for information and cruelty, discover how to hoard enormous treasures, and find out the proper way to threaten the world with destruction at… 339 more words


Frank Stein

Day 24

Character:  Frank Stein

Featured in:  Villain School

Role:  The new kid

It’s rough being the new guy. It’s even worse being the new guy at Villain School. 110 more words

School Plays

Mark Zuckerberg – 2 Acquisitions Away From Being a Bond Villain

Last week our boy Zuck was at it again by throwing billions at people that aren’t even asking for it.  He acquired a Virtual Reality company called  1,081 more words