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Poetry: The Tales Of A Thirteen Year Old Evil Genius

Note: Here is that poem I promised.

Mother, this is just an experiment!

It’s for science!
It’s scientific research!

Don’t you want me to win a Nobel Prize? 120 more words


EG Parent Award #60 - Physics

Sometimes the best examples of evil genius can come directly from your siblings. And we all know where they picked it up from (I’m looking at you, EG Grandma). 145 more words

Evil Genius Parent Award

I Think the Title Speaks for Itself

In honor of today’s student council inductions.I Am a Genuis of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President by Josh Lieb

I have nothing to add.


A Deep Thought On An Otherwise Shallow Saturday

I would say that politicians are magicians—their shouting and rhetoric, smoke and mirrors designed to cultivate convenient illusions of darkness and light, good and evil, where rational minds would otherwise see gray—but I refuse to insult the magicians that I count among my friends.

Paging Dr. Carson

Thus far in this early season of presidential politics we’ve written little about Ben Carson, but now seems as good a time as any to start paying attention to his candidacy. 1,212 more words


Evil Genius

We’ve all heard the term “evil genius,” maybe even used it a few times. This moniker is generally used to refer to infamous political figures in history who were able to amass great personal power, acquire or expand empires, or fundamentally alter the course of history while callously and cynically disregarding the incalculable pain, suffering, dislocation, economic destruction, and myriad forms of devastation left in the wake of their pursuit of glory or some utopian dream. 231 more words


Hello, October

We’re partway through spring, and I’m just over halfway through this pregnancy, so I figured it was time to take stock of a few things – what I’m wearing/watching/listening to/doing etc. 946 more words